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OCTOBER 27, 2022

There are stories you keep to yourself; however, there are those you wish to share  with anyone who will listen.  I share this story with you now.  This is a story of healing, and as with any healing experience, it is nothing short of a miracle. This is why I feel compelled to share it.


My two friends came over for lunch, one of them brought her 9-month-old baby girl.  Aside from being too cute for words, she was special and I knew it  just by seeing her for the first time.   I asked to carry the baby, and I asked her mother if it would be okay for me to give her Reiki healing.  The baby quickly responded to the healing energies I was giving her while she fell asleep in my arms.

Babies have a great way of bringing out the love in anyone they touch, but this baby gave me something words cannot even describe.  As soon as she fell asleep, she started to heal me.  I could feel my heart literally connecting to hers.  I held her as she slept while I had lunch with my friends.  When we finally put her down to sleep, I felt this overwhelming sense of happiness.  I told her mother that this child just healed me.

I woke up the next day and started singing happy songs in my head; I’m usually super grumpy in the mornings until I have had my morning coffee.  The next couple of days had been so liberating and fresh.  It was as if all my negativity was sucked out of me, and now I am in such a great place.  I just feel like there is so much to look forward to and that all is well in my world.


I have been healing myself and others for many years now, I have come across so many people who have overcome their life’s challenges and have faced their fears.  Yet, this journey is not an easy one and it is a take-two-steps-forward-and-three-steps-back process. But when the miracle of healing actually happens in one’s life, the effects are miraculous, to say the least.  I had prayed for my healing process to be fast-tracked, and two days later, an answered prayer, a little angel was sent to my home.

Why am I sharing this?  It is to ignite hope and consciousness, that healing one’s emotional pains are possible if you just simply decide to do so and let the universe take its course.  The Divine will send his angels and these angels don’t necessarily come in the form of 9-month-old babies, but they come in many different forms.  Awareness is the key, be aware at all times of people, places, events and circumstances that lead to your own healing.  And know in faith that angels come in many different forms.  Let yourself be open to whatever possibilities and incidences and people life brings your way, for they are surely angels in disguise.

May this little story inspire you to recognize the angels in your own life. Sometimes they come to you as difficult people and situations, but ultimately, whatever leads to your greater good and leads you towards emotional freedom is always a gift, again, regardless of the form in which they come. May your own lives be filled with angels in disguise.

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