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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Magazines, newspapers and fashion shows never fail to show off a celebrity or model’s flawless skin. As beautiful and almost impossibly perfect as it appears, a great deal of them suffer the same skin problems as you and I. Why doesn’t it show?

The real secret to a flawless finish is an arsenal of foundations, concealer, powder and highlighter. Of course, the products themselves don’t unleash magic. Proper application is key.

So, here are some tips for “faking” great flawless-looking skin:

How to layer on foundation

Before even cracking open a foundation bottle, you must exfoliate and moisturize. Make sure to moisturize into the skin and really get the blood flowing.

Warm up the foundation in your hand and rub it over red blotches and dark spots, including the ones on your neck and chest. Blend until both the spots and the makeup are imperceptible.

Apply to the ears, too, because they are often redder than the rest of the face.

A good method of applying foundation is much like how you would wax your car or shine a shoe: You have to layer on thin coats. Then—and this is important—gently press the surface with a tissue until makeup becomes one with the skin.

New to try: Shu Uemura’s face architect refining mousse foundation. This new formulation provides a sheer veil with effective coverage and exquisite moisture. It leaves a perfect nude finish that’s light as air (P2,150).

Go for matte concealer

Go for matte concealer under the eyes and around the nose (use a creamy one for drier skin). With a pointed brush, paint the concealer on each spot in tiny dots. Use the least amount as possible. Then, tap around with your fingers to blend.

Where to put highlighter

To make the skin look surreally perfect, apply highlighter on several areas of the face. Use one finger to dab it on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the brow bones, the eyes’ inner corners and the chin. Then use a different finger to blend and soften the dab spots.

Pick the highlighter that matches your skin tone or is in a shade lighter.


Gently blot the entire face with a tissue, then dust powder over the T-zone, under the eyes and around the mouth and chin. Leave the cheekbones dewy; this makes the skin appear more luminous. Adding blush, eye makeup or lipstick is all up to you.

There may be no miracle cream you can just slather on your face for instant immaculate complexion, but I asked three models to share their favorite products and give us some insider tips on how they take time to buff and polish their skin to absolute flawlessness and radiance.

“For the day, I really like using a sunblock with a mild tint. Avene Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 is what I use on days I feel my skin is oily. I like it because it blends with any skin tone and gives a matte finish, unlike other sunblocks that leave your skin looking shiny. I alternate it with Theraderm Blemish Balm SPF 50. I use this for more coverage. It works well to conceal some sunspots. In the evening, I use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It makes my skin look dewy and fresh.”—Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino, dermatologist

“I use MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation, MAC Studio Finish Concealer and MAC Studio Fix powder. Tip: To make my foundation last longer, I start with a moisturizer, then smooth on foundation, followed by loose powder. I use a fiber-optic brush (one which is big and fluffy, and better for subtle coverage). Remember to go light on the powder because it accentuates wrinkles.”—Valerie de los Santos, professional model

“For concealer, I stick to Cinema Secrets because it always conceals spots perfectly and hides dark under eyes very nicely. For foundation, I use RMK creamy foundation. I love the even coverage and how it looks fresh on my face. It also doesn’t look like I really put on foundation. For powder, I use Maybelline. I don’t put too much powder. I just use it to set my foundation and Maybelline does a great job.”—Antoinette Enciso-Ocampo, entrepreneur and commercial model.

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