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OCTOBER 27, 2022

TOM Cruise

Well, the world is out and it looks like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are destined for the divorce courts. But it’s not surprising given Tom’s Mars in Taurus with the Moon, Mercury and Sun in Gemini, which indicate a powerful and clever intellectual capacity which can sometimes be used to manipulate the circumstances for his own benefit.

Once again, the culprit astrologically is Saturn, which is now moving in a position opposing his marital sector, so we see his karma bearing fruit at this time, albeit not so good.

One of the other important astrological transits I observe when marriages end in divorce is the tough association of Saturn with Venus. And that has been occurring in Tom’s horoscope for some time. This is now the completion of another chapter in the life of Cruise, which will no doubt be followed by a whole new riveting “life series.”


This week you must not act superficially with others especially if you’re trying to bolster your reputation and meet someone worthy of your love. Address any misunderstandings with genuineness as sincerity and compromise will help you get through this problem.


You need to stay within the limits this week even though your heart is telling you to boldly go where no one has gone before! Be clear on your responsibilities and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before making statements or taking any action, especially if this is related to your relationship.


You will have to address an issue with someone you love but the worst thing you can do this week is to allow your pride to get in the way of reasonable communication and a resolution to an ongoing problem. By the same token, if someone is not in the mood to talk, it is best to walk away and leave it for another time.


Just now you’ve had to pursue your financial dreams and commit to the obligations that they entail; however, you are due for a new change of cycle. This means asking allies to help you in introductions to new acquaintances and possibly even that soulmate you’ve been dreaming of.


You’re between a rock and a hard place this week, trying to meet the expectations of a spouse or loved one, but also asking for some relief. If you’re doing all the hard work yourself and seeing someone else gaining the credit, it could make life hard. You have to speak up even if you ruffle a few feathers.


You’ll be in two minds as to whether to accept a social or romantic offer.  The emotional ramifications of this choice may be playing in your mind. You’ll be weighing the pros and cons of getting involved with someone and so you should! Relationships are not to be rushed into.


There may be a real conflict in romantic matters or domestic affairs and you can easily feel isolated, unloved and lonely. You will need support from others. You want some change within your domestic sphere but are bogged down in routine. Don’t let others drag you down with them.


If you’re comfortable sharing your joys with the person you love, this is a time to pool your resources and aim for a common goal together. This will not only bring new material success but emotional satisfaction and if married, marital bliss.


This is a time of rebirth for you and it can show that your whole life is changing. With that comes a desire to reconsider those that have been part of your life. You may meet someone now that turns your world upside down and shows you a completely different perspective on life, love and relationships.


You could be afraid to take a gamble on a relationship just now but you should take advantage of the positive energies that are in the air as luck is on your side. You may be surprised by what may transpire  if you tread a different path for the time being. Move forward with a sense of adventure.


Unexpected friction in a relationship this week may be necessary to clear the air. Don’t recoil from a difficult conversation because it means you’re growing closer to the person through mutual understanding. Once you’ve resolved your differences, this sets the trend for a far better connection with each other.


This is a time of bonding with others who have similar creative and spiritual interests as you. This week, take the time to explore your creative self and share that with those of like mind. You may choose to begin some new course or travel somewhere out of your usual environment to share your time with others of similar disposition.

Your karma

Hi Dadhichi,

I’m a Libran and have heard you speaking about Saturn in my star sign just now. Is this why I’m not having much luck with  relationships? I look forward to meeting someone soon. Will that happen?

DA Cavite

Dear DA,

Saturn is, in fact, the best planets for Librans and just because you are not meeting your soulmate  now doesn’t mean you can’t be fulfilled in this area. In the coming months you can expect Jupiter’s influence on your sun sign to be favorable, bringing new opportunities in love for you. Good luck.

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