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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I received very good feedback, but also more questions, on last month’s one-day seminar I conducted on Soulmates, Karma and Reincarnation. Many participants experienced profound insights during the course, some of which I only found out several days afterward.


One participant, named Dina (not her real name), wrote to me with questions she failed to ask during the course.


“Thank you for your enlightening seminar on Soulmates, Karma and  Reincarnation,” began Dina. “I have always found these three topics interesting since my high school years.


“During the group past life hypnotic regression, I really couldn’t tell if what I saw was real or just a product of my imagination. The images were fleeting, but what I remember was the feeling I had when I saw them.


“In the first regression, I was a female with blond hair, wearing a white dress, and was barefoot.


“The place I saw myself in was like a clearing of some sort, with trees around me. From a distance, I could see a figure. I knew it was a man. He looked like he was waiting—waiting for me.


“In the next scene, we were riding on a horse. I was holding wild flowers which he gave me. What I felt while I was in that hypnotic state was it was our secret meeting place.


“In the second regression with a mate or lover, I was female again. I was a maid to an Egyptian queen or someone of high social standing.


“There was a man, he was the same man I saw in the first regression, but this time, he was a soldier or a guard protecting the queen… The feeling I had was we were attracted to each other, but could not fulfill our desires since, as a maid to the queen, my social status was higher than his.


“In the present lifetime, I met a man who is married. The same feeling of strong attraction was there but we could not act on it because he is married. At present this man is a Hindu who is from the warrior/soldier caste. A few months back he told me I should not feel too much, as our feelings might not get fulfilled in our next lifetime.


“It seems to me we have always had this strong pull toward each other in several of our past lives, but it has yet to be fulfilled. Was he right when he said I should not feel too much for him? Is this the way to handle our situation, so that the next lifetime will not be the same? Will our desires ever be fulfilled?”


Dear Dina,


First, you must understand that during a past life hypnotic regression, assuming you actually managed to be in a hypnotic state, what you see is not a product of your imagination, but of your subconscious mind. Imagination takes place when you create images, ideas or events while in your conscious state.


I recall a male student of SKR I had many years ago, who already had a vivid idea of who he was in a past life, but during regression, he saw an entirely different image of himself. The first was a product of his imagination, the second was a product of his subconscious mind.


Second, it seems clear that this married man you met in this lifetime is somebody you’ve met in several previous lives, for we seldom meet a person by accident.


Third, in the first regression you met in secret, probably because your relationship was not sanctioned either by your family, religion or society.


In the second regression you met the same man again in another lifetime and you could not be together either, because of different social class or status. He was a guard of some sort and you must have lived in the palace as handmaiden to a queen in Egypt.



In this present life you have met again but you cannot be together because he is now married and belongs to a different religion. In a previous life he was a soldier or a guard. In the present life he belongs to the warrior or soldier caste.


You see, all throughout your series of lifetimes, you could not be together for one reason or another. There was always something that prevented you from being together. The reason for this is simple. He still has some karmic obligations with others which he has to fulfill and perhaps you, too, have your own karmic obligations in this lifetime.


Fourth, will your desires ever be fulfilled? Why not, if you are patient enough to wait several lifetimes more? You see, both great love and great hatred bind you to another in the next life. We said this during the seminar. So if you love somebody very much, you are bound to meet that person again in the next life. The same happens with great hatred for another. You will definitely meet that person again.


So if you don’t want to meet your enemy again in the next life, you must learn to forgive and release that person.


Fifth, how should you handle your situation? I can only quote Shakespeare, who said in “Hamlet,” “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”


Note: My next Soulmates, Karma & Reincarnation seminar will be on Aug. 18, 1-7 p.m., while Basic ESP and Intuition Development will be on Aug. 25-26, at Rm. 308 Prince Plaza I, 106 Legazpi St., Greenbelt, Makati. For details, please call tel. 8107245, 8159890, 0920-9818962, 0920-9818963; e-mail [email protected]; visit www.jimmylicauco.com

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