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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Have you ever wondered why some people can see things that others can’t, know what’s going to happen before it does, describe a remote place they have never seen before, read other people’s minds, heal themselves using only mental imagery or read a person like a book though he never met him before?


I have seen many of these seemingly impossible mental feats during the last 30 years that I have been researching these fields, now called Parapsychology, and conducting ESP classes for over 20 years now both here and abroad.


Most of the people who exhibited one or a combination of the above mental abilities were not psychics or clairvoyants, but ordinary individuals like office workers (e.g. housewives, accountants, clerks, computer analysts, salesmen),  professionals, (e.g. doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, businessmen) and even members of the clergy (e.g. Christian priests, nuns, lay ministers).


What is common among all the above individuals? They are able to completely focus their minds on a single task at a time, completely relax their body and reduce their brain waves to at least the alpha rhythm (about seven to 14 cycles per second).


But what is this alpha brain wave and what makes it so powerful and special? Let me explain it in as simple manner as I understand it from a layman’s point of view.


Neuroscientists have long ago discovered that brain cells, called neurons, produced electricity. This electrical nature of the neuron enabled scientists to determine or measure their different electrical patterns or waves. A piece of medical equipment called an electroencephalograph (EEG), invented by Dr. Hans Berger, showed that these neurons have rhythms or cycles, which scientists arbitrarily called beta (from 14 to 21 cycles per second), alpha (from seven to 14 cps), theta (from four to seven cps) and delta (from almost zero to four cps).


Each of these brain waves has its own characteristics or properties. But for now, let us focus on the alpha brain wave, although in practice these brain waves may overlap.


Normally, when we slow down our brain waves by relaxation or meditation, they eventually settle down to delta, which is the unconscious or sleep state. However, if we can slow down or reduce the frequency of our brain waves without falling asleep (which is one of the keys to understanding its powers), then a person can perform certain mental tasks at one brain wave level which he cannot do at other brain wave levels.




For example, at the alpha level, he or she can project his or her consciousness or awareness into the future and know what’s going to happen before it does (technically called precognition). He can project his consciousness into the past and know what happened without being there (called retrocognition). He can project his awareness to another person and know what he is thinking of (through telepathy). He can project his awareness to a distant place he has never been to before and describe it accurately (through remote viewing or traveling clairvoyance). He can also heal himself and others through mental imagery or visualization.


Why is this possible?  Because it is believed that at the alpha level, the brain waves, the left brain hemisphere and those of the right, are synchronized. And when this happens, he is able to consciously tap the tremendous powers and knowledge hidden in the subconscious mind. Therefore, training ourselves to think at the alpha level without falling asleep offers tremendous benefits and powers for everyone.


But without an EEG machine, how can anyone tell if he has reached the alpha level? There are subjective characteristics of the effects of the alpha wave, among which are the following:


1. Breathing and heart rate slow down.

2. Subject becomes completely passive both mentally and physically.

3. Body temperature may rise. A few even perspire.

4. Subject may see colors with eyes closed.

5. Eyes may automatically move rapidly (called rapid eye movement or REM), which one also experiences when dreaming.

6. Galvanic skin resistance (GSR) goes up.

7. The body may sway slowly and pleasantly as energy is released and his aura expands.


The alpha rhythm is important not only because it enables us to perform some incredible things with our brains, but also, being in that state can boost our immune system and thus keep us healthy. Going into alpha also removes stress and increases mental ability. But it needs to be practiced.




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