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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Part Two


On the specific remedies suggested by the American psychic Edgar Cayce while he was in a trance state, we must point out that, first, these remedies were meant for individual patients and may not work for everybody. Sometimes a disease may have various treatments because the cause or causes could come either from the physical level (bacteria or injury, for example) or from the person’s psychological state, or from his or her karma.


Second, these suggested remedies are not intended as substitutes for consulting orthodox medical doctors. The following information is based mainly on the books “Edgar Cayce Remedies” by William A. Mc Garey, M.D. and “Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing” by Reba Ann Karp.


Enlarged prostate gland


“Prostatitis is an infection of the prostate gland. It is generally a sign of other infections in the body. Symptoms include perineal pain, frequent urination, fever and urethral discharge.”


Cayce’s treatment for prostatitis “basically involved establishing proper drainage from the system and reducing the inflammation.” Eight individuals were advised to shift to an alkaline, body-building diet, and avoid pork and other foods that may irritate the kidneys, such as alcohol, seasonings and carbonated drinks.


In other cases, hydrotherapy or water intake was recommended, to relax the body and promote elimination of toxins.


Five individuals were advised to have spine manipulation or to apply Glyco-Thymoline and Epsom salt packs to be placed over the pubic area or the lower spine.


Dr. McGarey states, “We have always treated enlarged prostates by finger massages at intervals of several days a week.”


An exercise suggested by the Edgar Cayce readings for prostate gland: “Stand erect. As you gradually raise your hands to a position directly above your head, rise up to the tips of your toes, trying to stay on tiptoe. Hold your breath until you start to return to the beginning position, letting it out gradually, as you become erect with your hands at your sides.”


Kidney stones


One individual, according to Dr. McGarey, was told to “add half a pint of spirits of turpentine to one and a half quartz of hot water. Then clothes were to be dipped in the solution, wrung out, and applied to the lower abdomen and changed often.”


Edgar Cayce explained in the readings that turpentine causes the disintegration of the stone so that it can pass through the urinary tract without need for surgery. This is because turpentine has a penetrating capacity. Dr. McGarey was, however, very quick to add that this treatment needs further clinical study as to its efficacy.




Edgar Cayce, according to Dr. McGarey, says that the underlying causes of stroke are the “accumulation of poisons in the systems from poor circulation, improper diet and malfunctioning assimilation of foods.” Added to this is elevated blood pressure or stresses.


According to Dr. McGarey, “balance of functions among circulatory system, the sympathetic nervous system and the locomotor centers” are critical in bringing about normalcy.


The following fundamental steps for stroke victims should be done according to the readings:


1. Keep circulation from progressing to a more toxic and unbalanced condition by using tub baths, sweats, colonics and massages.


2. Use a diet of light foods, such as juices, coddled egg (i.e. egg cooked in water below boiling point) and toast, or well-cooked foods. No fried foods, no pork, and no white flour or white sugar substances are permitted. Fish, fowl or lamb are used as meats. Vegetable juices are always good.


3. Remove pressures on the sympathetic centers and the locomotor centers with osteopathic treatments, physical therapy or deep massages.


4. Promote attitudinal and emotional change that aids the body in rebuilding to normal. This attitude change should be done not only by the patient himself but by the entire family.


Cayce prescribed treatments for ailments ranging from acne to warts while he was in a trance and when he woke up he had absolutely no recollection of what he just said. But he has proven to be way ahead of his time in his insistence on a holistic approach to healing, which is now slowly being recognized.





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