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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The Israeli psychic, Uri Geller, first became world-famous in the mid-’70s because of his extraordinary ability to bend metallic spoons with his mind power alone. This psychic ability is technically called telekinesis or psychokinesis.


I first met Uri Geller in May 1994, during an international conference in alternative healing held in Dusseldorf, Germany, where he was one of several speakers from around the world.


During my brief interview with Geller in his well-secured suite at the hotel, I asked him what his state of mind was when he was bending a spoon.


“That’s a very interesting question,” Uri replied. “I actually bend a spoon just by wishing or commanding it to bend. I don’t go into trance or meditate to be able to do it. I just wish it to happen, and it happens.”


Uri Geller’s answer surprised me, because what I know and teach my students during the Basic ESP seminar is that one cannot bend a spoon or do any telekinetic work unless he is able to slow down his brain waves to the Delta level (which is less than one to four  cycles per second) without falling asleep.


“Am I teaching my students the wrong way?” I thought to myself. Then I remembered the book written by neuroscientist Andrija Puharich of Stanford Research Institute (now called SRI International) in Menlo Park, California, where he reported that when Uri Geller was bending a spoon, the EEG (electroencephalograph) machine registered his brain waves to be at the Delta level.


When I told this to Uri Geller, he immediately replied, “Oh, yes, that’s correct. But you see, I was not aware of it.”


That was a big revelation and relief for me. At least I was not mistaken. So it dawned on me that it is possible to be at the Delta level of the brain wave without being aware of it.


Uri Geller could not explain how or why this happens. He says if he wants something to happen, he just wishes or intends it to happen and it does, like materializing things, making radish seeds sprout and broken watches work, and bending spoons.




Which brings me to the subject of magic and the role of intention and visualization to produce physical results. In the book “Magickian (A study in Effective Magick),” author Phillip Cooper defined magick (that’s the way he spells the word) as “the art of using controlled thought to produce a result.”


To be effective, continued Cooper, there are two essential elements that must be present, “First, suspension of the critical conscious mind, and, second, belief.”  Then, the intended effect follows.


The power of intention to produce physical effects was demonstrated by Dr. William A. Tiller, a materials science engineer at Stanford University, in a series of scientifically controlled experiments.


The objective of the experiment was to raise or lower the alkalinity (pH level) of water simply by intending it.


“A device imprinted with the intent was wrapped in aluminum and sent by overnight shipping to a laboratory 2,000 miles away, where it was placed beside the target experiment and then turned on.”


When the device was turned on in the vicinity of a jar of water, the pH level decreased or increased according to the intention directed to it. They were able “to raise the pH level or lower it as much as 1½ full units, which is a very large amount.” They also ruled out chance or environmental factors in the experiment.


Dr. Tiller repeated his experiments with other objects or materials, such as the larva of a fly. He proved that the biological growth of the larva can be retarded by sheer intention.


In recent years, Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto proved after years of experiments that one can change the molecular structure of water by simply intending or giving it either positive or negative thoughts.


These scientific experiments somehow explain why magic works and why, for example, Uri Geller and other psychics are able to affect matter by mind power alone. The results of these experiments have tremendous implications on religion and metaphysics. We are, indeed, co-creators with God.


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