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Notes to a girl who woke up one July

1. When you wake up, open your mouth and let the one-winged butterflies of secrets out. Set them free. As you set yourself free of frail and fluttering desires.

2. Slip into your clothes. Conceal the incandescent skin that glows and dims, with the memory of his touch. You must hide your flesh and impulse under your coat. Lust is a naked emotion.

3. As you cross the street, walk slowly. Walk slowly. Walk slowly. Walk slowly. Direction can only be discovered by traveling outside the rules of motion.

4. Sit by the window, and settle your bags on the other spare chair. Fill the table with second-hand memories of people that had moved in and out of yourself. Break bread and silence with the company of your sated past.

5. Spread your work across the table, and map the harbors and countries of all the things that need to be done. They can be very territorial. They can be very contentious. They may try to cross the borders of what you are. But you must stand your ground.

6. On your walk home, remember to trace the crestfallen streets. Experience the pleasure of discovering the route that leads to your happiness.

7. Sleep.

8. And yes, dream. Of the singularity of tomorrows.

—Joan Ocampo