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Music Machine

Sandwich frontman Raymund Marasigan is a busy man.

Apart from being the lead vocalist of Sandwich, he also plays bass synth for Pedicab, bass guitar for Gaijin and drums for Cambio and Barrio Radyo. There’s also the occasional reunion concert with Eraserheads. The guys had just finished touring the United States last year.

Given this hectic lifestyle, it’s only natural for Rayms to have gadgets that are indispensable to his profession. “I can make demos and explore ideas on the road. Some apps I use even produce interesting and unpredictable results,” he says.

We asked him to list down his top tech toys and tools that help him create beautiful sounds. Here’s the SIM interview:

SIM: What gadgets have you found invaluable?

Raymund Marasigan (RM): I always have my Smart LTE Pocket WiFi, iPad, iPod and my Zoom H2 recorder with me. The Zoom H2 recorder helps me record our jam sessions. At home my main computers run Propellerhead’s Reason 6.5 for sequencing and Ableton Live 8 for remixing tracks.

SIM: You mentioned that your iPad has become very useful for work. What apps do you use most often?

RM: Garage Band ($4.99, iOS), for sketching song ideas. Propellerhead’s Figure ($0.99, iOS) is very intuitive if you like electronic music on the go. DM1 ($6.99, iOS) is a cool drum machine with awesome sounds. iMPC ($6.99, iOS), the legendary hip-hop beat maker on your iPad and iElectribe ($19.99, iOS), is a classic groove box style app.

Of course, Rayms’ iPad isn’t just for work (though his work sounds like so much fun), he also manages to use it to edit photos and check on his social networks. “I like Snapseed for general photo editing,” he says.  He also checks in with Instagram and Twitter once in a while, uploading photos from ongoing video shoots and other projects. He definitely likes exploring his other creative side.

The other apps that appeal to Rayms include Phoster (“For making poster studies.”) and Adobe Ideas for drawing. He also keeps track of traffic via the MMDA app, “It’s invaluable for updates,” he adds. •

Follow Rayms on Twitter and Instagram: @raymsmercygun