January 16, 2017 | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Day: January 16, 2017

The #ScoutFaves From Last Week (1/16/2017)

We have a lot of plans this year — big plans. All our projects from last year are back and they’re going to be bigger: the #ScoutCampusTour, the #ScoutCreativeTalks, and our anniversary. But we also have more projects this year as we expand, and as much as we’re excited to tell you more, we’d like to keep mum until we’re absolutely sure we can deliver.

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5 low-maintenance beauty tips for lazy girls

I’d like to tell myself that I know my way around beauty, skincare, and makeup, even just a little bit. And though I love watching tutorials and looking at different products trending in the beauty market, I understand my makeup can never be as #onfleek (do people still say that these days?) as the girls and guys of Instagram or Youtube. Why?

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