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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Hey you, it’s okay to not be okay

Happiness is a choice, they say. And to that, I say bullshit. We live in a world where people who seem to go through life like a breeze are praised, while those who expose their hardships and vulnerabilities are deemed weak. We are bombarded with talks on positivity, optimism, and how we should look up to this guy or that girl who got through rough patches with smiles on their faces. We’re supposed to choose to be happy, as if it’s the right way of living, and hinder sadness from taking over, because apparently, that means we’re weak and we’re quitters.

Crying, being sad, and admitting that we are not okay shouldn’t be misconstrued as signs of weakness. For one, simply admitting that you are not okay is, in itself, a very daunting task. And second, being one with your present feelings, and letting yourself wallow in it, is a way being honest with yourself (remember that touching Call Me By Your Name speech delivered in the end by Michael Stuhlbarg? Yeah, the one about finding comfort in your own sadness). When you become honest with yourself, that’s how you begin to get better.

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