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Quantum physicists are beginning to sound like mystics


Two weeks ago, the Western scientific world was ablaze with excitement over the announcement by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences that the Nobel Prize for physics this year was awarded to Serge Horoche of France and David Wineland of the United States, “for finding ways to observe and measure quantum particles without destroying them,” which had previously been regarded as impossible.

Prior  to the duo’s pioneering work, the behavior of very small particles of matter and light could only be imagined in  mathematical equations and mental experiments.

“Simple particles are not easily isolated from their surrounding environment, and they lose their mysterious quantum properties as soon as they interact with the outside world,” a statement from the Royal Academy of Science read.

“Thus, many seemingly bizarre phenomena predicted by quantum physics could not be directly observed and researchers could only carry out thought experiments that might in principle manifest these bizarre phenomena,” it added.

What are the practical implications of the discovery of these two physicists? According to the Royal Academy: “Their groundbreaking methods have enabled this field of research to take the very first steps toward building a new type of super-computer or teleport particles from one place to another based on quantum physics.”

Modern physics, also called quantum mechanics and particle physics, is the study of the behavior and properties of the smallest particles of matter. In particle physics, the much-revered laws of Newtonian physics do not apply, to the astonishment of classical scientists.

According to quantum physics, the universe is not what classical science has always assumed it to be. And what are these assumptions? We can summarize them as follows:

1.      Strong objectivity:  Classical science assumes that there is an objective world out there which is independent of us.

2.      Causal determinism:  This world is fundamentally deterministic, meaning if we know what forces are acting on an object, we will know exactly its position and velocity at any given time.

3.      Locality: This assumption says that all interactions between material objects happen in specific positions or locality independent of each other.

4.      Materialism:  This says that nothing exists in the universe except matter which follows established physical laws.

The discoveries of quantum physics have practically demolished all the above assumptions of classical or Newtonian physics.


The New Physics enables scientists to explain various phenomena such as bilocation, telekinesis and teleportation, that are completely inexplicable in terms of the classical Newtonian physics. The universe, it turns out, is not what scientists have always assumed it to be.

As the great Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who was himself a Nobel Laureate, said, “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”

When quantum physicists tried to see what makes up the smallest particle of matter, they discovered to their great astonishment and disbelief that there is nothing there. Particles exist only after somebody observes them, which doesn’t make sense according to the old Newtonian physics.

And this is one of the reasons perhaps why Bohr said that, “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.”

I do not completely understand quantum physics, not being a scientist myself, but that’s not the reason why I am not at all shocked by it. It’s because I find its theories and assumptions to be compatible with those of mysticism.

Even some major physicists seem to agree with this. For example, Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington said: “The stuff of the universe is mind stuff.” Much earlier, physicist James Jeans said: “The universe is one great thought.”

Compare the above statements of physicists with the ancient teachings of the Australian aborigines, that this world is nothing more than a dream created during Dreamtime. And the Buddhist teaching that the outside world is nothing but maya or illusion.

It seems, therefore, that there is a growing convergence between modern physics and mysticism, between science and ancient religion. Modern physicists are beginning to sound like mystics, and mystics are beginning to sound more like physicists, as pointed out by neuroscientist Dr. Laurence LeShan in “The Medium, The Physicist and the Mystic”; by physicist Fritjof Cupra in “The Tao of Physics”; by researchers Gary Zukav in the “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”; and by Michael Talbot in “Mysticism and the New Physics.”

To quantum physicists, therefore, paranormal and psychic phenomena no longer sound as crazy as they were once regarded to be.

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  • ryan andres


  • browndarwinian

    ‘I was once asked at a public meeting “Don’t you think that the
    mysteriousness of Quantum Theory is just the same as the mysteriousness
    of the Trinity or the Transubstantiation?” And the answer, of course,
    can be answered in two quotes from Richard Feynman. One, Richard Feynman
    said “if you think you understand Quantum Theory, you don’t understand
    Quantum Theory”. He was admitting that it’s highly mysterious. But the
    other thing is that the predictions of Quantum Theory experimentally are
    verified to the equivalent of predicting the width of North America to
    the width of one human hair. And so, Quantum Theory is massively
    supported by accurate predictions. Even if you don’t understand the
    mystery of the Copenhagen Interpretation, or whatever it is. Whereas the
    mystery of the Trinity doesn’t even try to make a prediction, let alone
    an accurate one.’ – R Dawkins

    even though it’s indeed mysterious (which i equate to “hard to grasp”), quantum theory, like any scientific theory has “predictive power” with tangible, publicly verifiable, reproducible results…one obvious example, out of many, is the development of this electronic device we are using now to participate in this forum.

  • Pablobnb

    This is what I’ve been trying to tell atheists who uses science to taunt the reality of the spiritual realm; that in the near future the unbelieving atheistic world will unknowingly find itself deep into the power of the Devil thru occult practices because advance science and spirituality will unite but not necessarily for good but for evil in the final deception and delusion that the Bible prophesies the world will be under.
    The spiritual realm is more real than what we now consider as material reality, for the Bible says that everything we see now, everything that can be shaken will in the end disappear to be replaced by what will last for eternity. As it is written:
    “See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven? At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.
    Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” (Hebrews 12:25-29)
    In the end there will not be a single atheist but not necessarily because everyone will be godly but because eveyone who ever lived will finally realize that there is indeed a God who will punish the wicked and reward the righteous (whose righteousness is imputed by their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and not by their own good works). By then it will be too late for them to believe nor to repent of their sins.
    Therefore while there is still time people should believe in God thru the Lord Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. The time for the Lord Jesus’ return is getting closer by the day, so read and study the Bible and obey its teachings. Choose life people!
    God bless!

    • browndarwinian

      ‘It’s a claim to a truth that no primate can claim to make. Primates who claim to know it should be distrusted. Great damage has been done and continues to be done by such people and by such ideas. You’re better off thinking for yourself and taking all the risks, and all the pleasures that will come from that. The most overrated of virtues is faith. The metaphysical claims of religion are untrue.

      If Jesus claims to be able to take your sins on himself, remember what we’re talking about here. The revolting idea of human sacrifice. Of vicarious redemption. Of scapegoating. The idea that you can throw your sin on someone else and make him die and take your sin with him. The repulsive, immoral idea of vicarious redemption. I can pay your debt. I can serve your sentence in prison. But I cannot take your responsibility from you. Because it would be immoral to do so. You’ve no right to ask it of me. You can’t shed that responsibility. The whole basis of morality requires that you face it and take it upon yourself. Nonetheless, Christianity offers the idea of vicarious redemption.

      So when I say that religion poisons everything, I mean to say it infects us in our most basic integrity. It says we can’t be moral without big brother. Without totalitarian permission. We can’t be good to one another without this. We must be afraid. We must also be forced to love someone who we fear. The essence of sadomasochism. The essence of abjection. The essence of master and slave relationship. I say that this is evil.

      It is a horrible idea that there is somebody who owns us, who makes us, who supervises us. Waking and sleeping. Who knows our thoughts. Who can convict us of thought crime, just for what we think. Who can judge us while we sleep for things that might occur us in our dreams. Who can create us sick, as apparently we are, and then order us on pain of eternal torture to be well again. To demand this, to wish this to be true, is to wish to live as an abject slave.

      Is it good for the world to appeal to our credulity and not to our scepticism. Is it good for the world to worship a deity that takes sides in wars and human affairs. To appeal to our fear and to our guilt. To our terror of death. To preach guilt and shame about the sexual act and the sexual relationship. To terrify children with the image of hell, and eternal punishment, not just of themselves but of their parents and those they love. Worse of all, to consider women an inferior creation. Is that good for the world?’ -hitchslap

      • Pablobnb

        Man you just have to wait for the Judgment Day and there make your case before God if you still can at that time.

        I said just wait for a little while.

    • foreignerph

      “for the Bible says” – whatever the Bible says or doesn’t say is not falsifiable and therefore not science. Quantum mechanics is very counter-intuitive but it is put into falsifiable terms and hence it is science. It was to be expected that the old book fetishists would hijack or piggyback on quantum mechanics and its more counter-intuitive concepts like entanglement and probability to “prove” that there finally is some ghost in the machine but they err.

  • Pablobnb

    Those who consider the Bible as old and obsolete whose teachings cannot apply to our present world should think again. The Bible is far more advance than what many people think, for the Bible already told of the end game of it all even right from the very beginning.
    In fact the prophecies of the Bible forettold in advance anticipated technologies. For example in the Book of Revelation the following are cited:
    1. The Bible tells us that the coming world leader, who is Satan’s very own protege called the Antichrist will be able to control everyone living at that time to not buy or sell if they will not accept the Antichrist’s seal as a sign of submission to him. This is impossible without the present global electronic banking.
    2. The Bible tells us that the coming Two Witnesses who will speak from Jerusalem Israel will be killed and will be watched by the entire world simultaneously whose rising up from the dead will horrify the whole world. This is impossible without the present global communication capabilities wherein any event in any place in the world can be viewed by hooking it up to online cameras and watched live in real time.
    3. The Bible tells us that an image of the wounded Beast will be able to speak and issue command so that everyone will worship him. This is now becoming a possibilty with the latest scientific discoveries involving the mixing of genetics and robotics.
    There are many others, but the point here is that the Bible’s authorship is outside the dimension of time that He can tell the end even from the very beginning with 100 percent accuracy. And only an all-powerful Being can do that, who is no other else but God Himself.
    May people develop a deep respect for the written words of God – the Bible, and read and study its teachings while at the same time obeying them.
    Read the Bible people and God bless!

    • browndarwinian

      ‘The truth is that religion, as we speak of it – Islam, Christianity,
      Judaism – is based on the claim that God dictates certain books. He
      doesn’t code software, he doesn’t produce films, he doesn’t score
      symphonies, he is an author. And this claim has achieved credibility
      because these books are deemed so profound they could not have possibly
      been written by human authors.’ – s harris

      ‘The Bible – Because all the works of science cannot equal the wisdom of cattle-sacrificing primitives who thought every animal species in the world lived within walking distance of Noah’s house.’

      ‘Prayer – How to do nothing and still think you’re helping.’

      ‘I’ve taken the best advice I can on how long Homo sapiens has
      been on the planet. Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, many others, and many
      discrepant views from theirs, reckon it’s not more than 250,000 years, a
      quarter of a million years. It’s not less, either. I think it’s roughly
      accepted, [to Francis Collins] I think, sir you wouldn’t disagree.
      100,000 is the lowest I’ve heard and actually I was about to say, again
      not to sound too Jewish, I’ll take 100,000. I only need 100,000, call it
      one hundred. For 100,000 years Homo sapiens was born, usually,
      well not usually, very often dying in the process or killing its mother
      in the process; life expectancy probably not much more than 20, 25
      years, dying probably of the teeth very agonizingly, nearer to the brain
      as they are, or of hunger or of micro-organisms that they didn’t know
      existed or of events such as volcanic or tsunami or earthquake types
      that would have been wholly terrifying and mysterious as well as some
      turf wars over women, land, property, food, other matters. You can fill
      in—imagine it for yourself what the first few tens of thousands of years
      were like. And we like to think learning a little bit in the process
      and certainly having gods all the way, worshipping bears fairly early
      on, I can sort of see why; sometimes worshipping other human beings,
      (big mistake, I’m coming back to that if I have time), this and that and
      the other thing, but exponentially perhaps improving, though in some
      areas of the world very nearly completely dying out, and a bitter
      struggle all along. Call it 100,000 years. According to the Christian
      faith, heaven watches this with folded arms for 98,000 years and then
      decides it’s time to intervene and the best way of doing that would be a
      human sacrifice in primitive Palestine, where the news would take so
      long to spread that it still hasn’t penetrated very large parts of the
      world and that would be our redemption of human species. Now I submit to
      you, ladies and gentlemen, that that is, what I’ve just said, which you
      must believe to believe the Christian revelation, is not possible to
      believe, as well as not decent to believe. Why is it not possible?
      Because a virgin birth is more likely than that. A resurrection is more
      likely than that and because if it was true, it would have two further
      implications: It would have to mean that the designer of this plan was
      unbelievably lazy and inept or unbelievably callous and cruel and
      indifferent and capricious, and that is the case with every argument for
      design and every argument for revelation and intervention that has ever
      been made. But it’s now conclusively so because of the superior
      knowledge that we’ve won for ourselves by an endless struggle to assert
      our reason, our science, our humanity, our extension of knowledge
      against the priests, against the rabbis, against the mullahs who have
      always wanted us to consider ourselves as made from dust or from a clot
      of blood, according to the Koran, or as the Jews are supposed to pray
      every morning, at least not female or gentile. And here’s my final
      point, because I think it’s coming to it. The final insult that religion
      delivers to us, the final poison it injects into our system: It appeals
      both to our meanness, our self-centeredness and our solipsism and to
      our masochism. In other words, it’s sadomasochistic. I’ll put it like
      this: you’re a clot of blood, you’re a piece of mud, you’re lucky to be
      alive, God fashioned you for his convenience, even though you’re born
      in filth and sin and even though every religion that’s ever been is
      distinguished principally by the idea that we should be disgusted by our
      own sexuality. Name me a religion that does not play upon that fact. So
      you’re lucky to be here, originally sinful and covered in shame and
      filth as you are, you’re a wretched creature, but take heart, the
      Universe is designed with you in mind and heaven has a plan for you.
      Ladies and gentlemen, I close by saying I can’t believe there is a
      thinking person here who does not realize that our species would begin
      to grow to something like its full height if it left this childishness
      behind, if it emancipated itself from this sinister, childish nonsense.’ -hitchslap

    • foreignerph

      If your bible foretold everything, why didn’t tell it 3,000 years ago about the formula for penicillin so much needles suffering could have been prevented, instead of useless fairy tales about seven horses in the sky and haunted pigs?

      If your god is love, why did he plant an apple tree in paradise that nobody could touch on the penalty of losing paradise? God must certainly have known women are terribly curious since he created them, so he could have known in advance that Eve would fall for the booby-trapped apple. Hence this is just a case of sadistic incitement and evil entrapment. Where is the love?

      Forcing Abraham to kill his only son seems pretty cruel too, especially after stopping him at the last moment and telling him “hey dude, this was just a joke, go kill a sheep instead”. Love? Sounds like a maniac to me and the opinion of the sheep apparently didn’t count.

      And finally, why do your kind of preachers always have to dump their reli-stuff into discussions about science? Do scientists go into churches, disturbing the faithful with a lecture that there is no falsifiable proof for any god or goddess whatsoever?
      Find an article about religion or bishops or saints, and sell your merchandise there. ;-)

  • Brandyn Lee

    this article misrepresents both classical and quantum physics. i’ll specifically talk about the list.

    quantum physics doesn’t violate objectivity. it doesn’t require the presence of an observer, it describes the possible observations that an observer would see.

    2 is true. classical mechanics is strictly deterministic and quantum mechanics is probabilistic, though the probabilities themselves evolve deterministically.

    i assume in 3 the author is referring to quantum entanglement. quantum entanglement is not “spooky action at a distance.” it’s the quantum analogue of putting an apple and an orange in separate boxes, and giving them to two different people. even if they go to opposite sides of the earth, as soon as they open their respective boxes, they will immediately know what the other person had, yet one couldn’t say that information traveled between them.

    4 is true for neither classical mechanics nor quantum mechanics. they say nothing about immaterial things, they describe phenomena in a particular realm of the physical world.

    quantum is indeed counter intuitive and difficult to grasp, but it has nothing to do with mysticism. i hope that the author educates his or herself further before writing any more articles conflating solid, evidence based science with meaningless metaphysics.

    • lolzorzz

      Shhhh…you’re ruining his act. If his cash cows discover that it’s all baloney, they won’t go to his “seminars” anymore.

      • blainz

        It’s easy for Jimmy Lee to recoup those losses. All he has to do is go to James Randi, demonstrate powers of  “bilocation, telekinesis and teleportation”, then claim a million dollars in prize money…

        I wish I had his client list so I can teach them powers of levitation using my very mystical quantum trampoline – available for the low, low price of only P666,000!

      • Brandyn Lee

        i honestly hadn’t heard of the guy before my first comment. what an unfortunate career to have.

  • Juphel Ace Guerra

    The article’s title must be “Mystics and Charlatans are Beginning to Sound Like Physicists”. Grain of salt here though. Quantum physics is not “consumer science” unlike classical mechanics which can be understood in principle by high school math. Unfortunately for Quantum physics, you need exponentially complicated math to understand its beauty. So what can charlatans do? Explain things they can’t prove (telekinesis, telepathy, etc) with something they don’t understand (quantum mechanics) to sound cool. So the grain of salt is that though the charlatans sound or attempt to sound scientific, they ended up sounding like comedians to people who actually do science.

  • Aleksis Capili

    We’ve been living in a dream world. I know Matrix is true!

  • Peter D

    I think the article should be titled, “Perception is Everything”

  • winedix

    This is a classic example of writing by charlatans.

    First, the writer will report on something sensible and interesting, like the Nobel prize news about quantum physics. This gives the article an air of credibility, a scientific appeal.  At the same time, he will try and use terms, like teleportation, out of its scientific context and actually abuse the term, and mince it with the layman’s use of the term, for maximum impact.

    Once the writer has abused the scientific terms like teleportation, he will then put right in words like paranormal and psychic in the same or following paragraph, hoping that the readers will be duped into thinking that these go together and are the same phenomenon.  (They are not.)

    And then, the writer wishes that the reader doesn’t see through the muddle he is creating such that he can write statements like the following.

    “To quantum physicists, therefore, paranormal and psychic phenomena no longer sound as crazy as they were once regarded to be.”  

    Very entertaining.  Outright deceitful.

    The point of this article is not to illuminate, but to deceive the reader into thinking that the convergence between quantum physics and mysticism is imminent.  It is not.  Science relies on experiments to correct itself.  Religion and mysticism does not,  and will never.

    Which brings me to an ironic point.  Charlatans that peddle goods like paranormal and psychic activities would like to think they are becoming “scientific” but will never really go all the way down the scientific path.  Why ?  Because through science and experiments and trial and error, it can be shown that there is really no salt in their goods.  Science can expose charlatans.

    • foreignerph

      Precisely. Well stated.

      Apart from that, quantum mechanics is about sub-atomic particles, not about larger conglomerations of matter that still obey the Newtonian laws. Perception, conscience and spirituality are functions of our brain, and that’s a pretty large chunk of matter.

  • Boneless

    Total lack of logic. Quantum physicist are starting to sound like mystics….then “therefore, paranormal and psychic phenomena no longer sound as crazy as they were once regarded to be”. He himself mentioned he doesn’t understand quantum physics yet he manages to come up with a conclusion connecting the two..
    Psychic phenomena investigators have yet to prove true psychic existence. Everything is pure testimony. They claim its a science. But they can’t even prove it WITH science.

    • generalproblem

      try to becaome a quantum physicist firts before you comments.

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