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Inquiries on aliens, angels and ‘bading’

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Inner Awareness

Inquiries on aliens, angels and ‘bading’

/ 10:04 PM November 12, 2012

I usually get the same old questions from readers and listeners (Sunday evening radio program over DZMM Teleradyo). However, the following questions are different.

1. “Will aliens in Mt. Banahaw show themselves publicly on Dec. 21?” From Rodrigo Capunan.

What makes you think that aliens or extraterrestrials can be found only in Mt. Banahaw? And why will they show themselves only on Dec. 21? Is it because the Mayan calendar states it will be the end of the fifth Earth cycle?


Aliens have been on our planet for thousands of years and they are in every corner of the globe (if you can imagine a globe having corners).

The first chapter in the Book of Ezekiel has a very detailed description of aliens and their vehicle which appeared before the prophet Ezekiel.

Many people have encountered beings from other planetary systems, but nobody believes their stories.

2. “Is the alien aboard the spaceship that crashed in Roswell still on Earth?”  From Kris of Bacoor, Cavite.

This is a very controversial topic. According to reports, the alien spacecraft that crashed in  Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 carried three aliens. Two of them died in the crash but one survived.

He was secretly taken to a military camp in Nevada by the US forces.  However, this reported crash has been denied vehemently by the US military and they claimed that what crashed was not an alien spaceship but only an experimental weather balloon. The presence of aliens in that spacecraft was also denied.

But rumors persist. I believe the UFO crash was real, but since I can’t prove this, it is better to just let you decide for yourself whom you want to believe.

3. “I just want to ask, are the Anunnaki fallen angels or aliens?” (No name given)


The story about the Anunnaki and the planet Nibiru, where they were supposed to have come from, were first brought to public attention by researcher Zecharia Sitchin in his two books, “The 12th Planet” and “Genesis Revisited.”

Anunnaki, according to Sitchin, literally means “those who from heaven came to Earth.” Christianity refers to them as Anakim and also Nefilim, which in Hebrew means the same thing: “Those who have come down, from the Heavens to Earth.” That was what probably gave rise to the idea that they are “fallen” angels.

The Sumerian (Babylonian) texts indicate that the Anunnaki came to Earth from the planet Nibiru about 445,000 years ago, according to Sitchin. One year in Nibiru is equivalent to 3,600 Earth years. That’s why the Nefilims seemed immortal from man’s point of view. They came to Earth in search of gold to shield their planet’s thinning atmosphere from radiation.

So to answer your question, the Anunnaki are aliens from the planet Nibiru. This planet’s existence has not been confirmed by astronomers.

4. “How can I establish a link to my higher self?  Is the higher self the same as a guardian angel? When I die, will I become somebody else’s spirit guide before my next lifetime? (No name given)

You can establish your link to your higher self through proper meditation and spiritual practices. Meditation enables us to connect to our subconscious mind, which in turn connects us to our higher self.

The higher self is definitely not the same as a guardian angel. There is no connection between the two concepts.

A guardian angel, according to Christianity (and I think even in Islam teachings), is a spirit, a messenger of God, which God assigns to each person to guide and protect him or her from birth to death. But remember, a guardian angel cannot interfere with one’s free will and karma.

When you die, you can become another person’s spirit guide, if you have evolved high enough in the spirit world to be one. But you will not become an angel because an angel is a pure spirit from the very beginning.

If you are interested to learn about the existence of guardian angels, read the book “An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels” by French journalist Pierre Jovanovic, published by M. Evans and Co. Inc. of New York in 1993.

5. “When a bading (a homosexual or gay) dies, will his spirit also be bading?” From Danilo Estapon of Pasay.

Interesting question. If he is still Earth-bound, yes, he will act and behave in the same manner he did when alive. However, once he has attained a higher degree of consciousness or spiritual evolution, he will no longer appear to be so.

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