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From Manila to Bergdorf Goodman by Melanie Cuevas

BLOGGER, author and home accessories designer Blue Carreon

If you happen to visit the beautifully curated home floor at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, some of the accessories on display are proudly made in the Philippines and designed by former fashion editor and now blogger, author and home accessories designer Blue Carreon.

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Temporary tattoos are today’s trendy jewelry

LOVE Story
tattoo from
Lulu DK

If you see a beautifully decked out girl these days, make sure you take a second look before complimenting her bracelet or necklace—they could just be temporary tattoos.

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Private makeup lessons from the experts


For most of us, no matter how many times we read about it or see others do it, getting the perfect makeup application is impossible.

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Solo earring look is the trend

ANGELINA Jolie working the single earring trend

When you see a woman wearing a large trinket on just one ear, do not assume her earring’s matching pair is missing. She is just embracing a trend that has become big the past year: the single statement earring.

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Rubber bracelet is fashion’s latest craze

DAVID Beckham
pairs a colorful
loom band with a
navy suit. At right,
rainbow loom
bands seen on the
Duke and Duchess
of Cambridge

Once the style trademark of the hippie/boho set, the reinvented woven friendship bracelet has taken the tween toy market worldwide by storm.

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