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Tracing our Chinese connection through stories and shared meals

CHA TUA He or Crystal Prawns

Reading a digital file of the book “My Angkong’s Noodles,” I thought how delightful that some of the questions about Chinese cooking, Chinoys (Chinese-Filipinos) and Binondo are finally answered.

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Seared black cod fillet ála Niçoise, lamb loin with salsa verde–airline food can be exciting

appetizer by Mathew
Moran of Australia

On my return trip to Manila from Singapore, I was asked to “book a cook.” There were nine chefs to choose from the International Culinary Panel of Singapore Airlines, each one with a prestigious reputation, operating highly regarded restaurants.

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‘Sinigang sa kamias,’ pickled banana heart, ‘pulutan’ laced with ‘lambanog’–Quezon fare is rich and flavorful

KINILAW for the

The more than three hours travel time to Lucena, capital city of Quezon province, is best done in a relaxed vertical position. Sleep is your friend as you pass roads and bridges traversing Sariaya, Quezon, or through San Pablo and Liliw, Laguna, and Lucban, Quezon.

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‘Sisig,’ ‘kare-kare,’ ‘chicharon’–northern specialties at three-day food fair


The big story at the launch of “Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival” was about sisig, that chopped pork and liver dish of Pampanga.

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How Lita Urbina grew Café Laguna from a 5-table ‘carinderia’ to a restaurant chain in the South


Judging the sinigang (sour soup) entries at the recent National Food Showdown, we looked for the right timpla (taste mix) of sour and salty. We also pierced and shredded the ingredients to determine if they were properly cooked, not under or over, and looked at the outcome to see if all the elements were presented well.

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