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Madrid has El Botin, Manila has Tinee’s ‘cochinillo’


For the “Foodprints” TV series on Spain, we flew to the Iberian Peninsula to present dishes that evolved from Spanish recipes—ensaymada, empanada, caldereta, adobo, puchero or cocido, cochinillo, among others.

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‘Cochinillo,’ turkey, ‘paella,’ ‘bibingka,’ lamb stew in one sitting


Our “Foodprints” TV show is something I had always dreamt of doing. For me it’s the most fun job in the world—imagine going around the country to find the best eats and telling viewers about it.

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Bazaar find–like a brownie but not quite


There have been attempts to update a successful product by keeping the foundation and creating something new out of it. Many times, a new creation is born, while other times it ends up sounding better than it actually tastes.

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Indulging in foie gras at Resorts World Manila


There are a few restaurants with well-credentialed chefs that have gone unnoticed. I just came across one.

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Dreaming about Naga City’s stuffed roast chicken with ‘laing’


The Nestle Chef to Chef cooking demo took me to Naga City in Bicol province. It was my first time to go there.

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