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Indulging in foie gras at Resorts World Manila


There are a few restaurants with well-credentialed chefs that have gone unnoticed. I just came across one.

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Dreaming about Naga City’s stuffed roast chicken with ‘laing’


The Nestle Chef to Chef cooking demo took me to Naga City in Bicol province. It was my first time to go there.

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What makes good ramen is the broth


Lately Metro Manila has been flooded with ramen restaurants—all of them claiming to be authentic and the best.

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Raw, fresh Hamachi shrimps, medium rare Saikoro steak

MIXED platter of fresh sashimi: tuna, Hamachi, salmon, spicy salmon
and spicy tuna

Japanese is my favorite international cuisine. I love the simplicity and neatness of its presentation, the subtle flavors of each dish, the textures and the quality of its ingredients.

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Cebu ‘lechon’ sweeps the country


Cebu Lechon has introduced a whole new way of roasting pig. Today, most lechon are cooked in a similar way. Out of this creativity, many other great-tasting lechon have entered the market. In the end, foodies and consumers are the beneficiaries.

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