Good ol’ American hot dog now in Manila | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

With the upsurge of home baking, where do novice bakers get their ingredients? Many home bakers don’t realize the importance of costings yet.

I remembered a brand I used to see as a kid: Goya. For the many bakers out there, Goya is a blessing. It is unsweetened cocoa powder that can be used for anything: double hazelnut spread (like Nutella), dark chocolate buttons, white chocolate buttons, dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and many other baking concoctions.

Goya is cheap. Its products can be found in most groceries. The product has gone through major improvement and its quality matches that of foreign brands.

As a student in New York, I would walk to Times Square and have my fix of good old American hot dog at Nathan’s. It makes the tastiest and juiciest hotdog around.

Someone brought Nathan’s to our shores recently. I came across one Nathan’s stall, and when I tried its offering, a tear fell. Memories! It was very good.

Nathan’s Meal Kit consists of 12 original hot dogs, 12 buns, five pounds of golden crinkle cut fries with optional chili con carne (@NathansFamousPh on Facebook or Instagram.)I came across a most delicious cheesecake recently. It was light, not too sweet and combined a slight creaminess with a hint of cream cheese. This is a standout (tel. 0917-5291558).

Braidy Buns are braided pastries with cinnamon all over. Included in the package are two dipping sauces, chocolate and cream cheese (The Braidy Buns on Facebook).