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My love affair with the Nokia 3310


I was the coolest kid in class the day I got my Nokia 3310. My classmates clambered all over each other just to get a glimpse of my gadget. They oohed and aahed at the tiny LCD screen, the slick silver keys and the handsome blue trim. I even heard audible gasps when I played the now-iconic Nokia ringtone.

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The Wristband that Nags Me


Time was when the only thing a wrist accessory could tell you was that you’re running late. These days, high-tech wristbands can even predict if you’ll gain weight this month.

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Surviving traffic with your Smartphone

Photo Illustration by Riki Velarde

There are plenty of apps developed to help circumnavigate traffic, but here in Manila, you’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery (even if you haven’t bought a ticket) than escaping terrible traffic.

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The Mighty Mi 3 and the SmartBand that stalks me


If our work productivity in recent times hit an all-time low, blame it on the Mi 3.

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Reinventing the PC and the Android


Tablet computing had plenty of false starts before it became the ubiquitous device it is now. A few decades ago, cellular phones were capable of merely making calls and sending primitive text messages, while companies still had to imagine tablets. Today, smartphones and tablets have turned into sophisticated pocket computers, making the personal computer superfluous for casual consumers.

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