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Look beyond the piping-hot ramen at the other goodies in store


The ramen craze continues. Hidden at the back of many menus in ramen places are other finds such as gyoza, some appetizers and salads, karaage or boneless crispy fried chicken, and chahan or smoke-scented fried rice.

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Cochinillo and Chili Garlic Lechon


My philosophy is that if I were putting something unhealthy or fattening in my system, be it pork, steak or chocolate, it might as well be the best in quality and taste.

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Chewy, crunchy, tasty ‘gyoza’


More new restaurants are opening left and right. More and more students from various culinary schools here and abroad are graduating, with money to open their own dining places with a variety of concepts.

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Turning Vietnamese amid ‘sisig’ and lethal Pampango fare


Invited recently to Angeles, Pampanga, my immediate reaction was, “Hmm, where will I eat?” Although my call time was still at 5 p.m., I was in Angeles by noon.

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Madrid has El Botin, Manila has Tinee’s ‘cochinillo’


For the “Foodprints” TV series on Spain, we flew to the Iberian Peninsula to present dishes that evolved from Spanish recipes—ensaymada, empanada, caldereta, adobo, puchero or cocido, cochinillo, among others.

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