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How to communicate with angels


It is really life-changing when you realize that angels are so easy to reach, feel and communicate with, and that they are only more than happy to assist us whenever needed.

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Harness the power of crystals for your benefit


A reader asks about the characteristics or uses of the gemstone or crystal called peridot, and how it works.

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Can the dead really talk to the living?


Let me begin with a recent personal case. When actor Roy Alvarez died suddenly last month, I went to his wake at the Santuario in Greenhills. While sitting quietly far from his coffin inside the big church, I thought of asking him, “Why did you leave so suddenly? We still have a lot of work to do.”

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Distinguishing astral projection from sleep paralysis


I recently received inquiries about two separate but related subjects. One is from Nicole, a second year Psychology student who has been experiencing “astral projection.” The other is from Rafael, who has been experiencing what he terms “sleep paralysis” and seeing a figure of a woman covered with a white sheet decorated with black roses while in that state of paralysis.

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The Year of the Wood Horse will be romantic–with sex scandals


People all over the world celebrated the Lunar Chinese New Year on Jan. 31, but not everyone was probably aware that the Year of the Yang Wood Horse was ushered in at 6:21 a.m. on Feb. 4.

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