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Make your holiday season eco-friendly


In the United States, waste generated by the holiday season—Christmas through New Year—reportedly adds some six million tons of trash to landfills.

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Yao Ming, the gentle giant’s champion

“NO BUYERS, no killers” is YaoMing’s simple message to help abolish elephant slaughtering for ivory.

It was a trip to Africa that turned former NBA star Yao Ming into a staunch protector of the elephant, the animal kingdom’s gentle giant.   Seeing slaughtered elephants and rhinos with their tusks and horns removed stirred sadness in Yao. “Honestly, after that experience, any time I see ivory or a horn, either from […]

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#InquirerSeven Hollywood celebrities take on new role: Nature

Nature is Speaking

In their new role, these A-List celebrities seek not to win prestigious awards such as the Oscars or the Golden Globes. Instead they seek to win the hearts and minds of people and convince them that they have to do better to take care of nature because “nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.”

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Longer ‘holiday’ mulled for world-famous Palawan Underground River

PUERTO Princesa Subterranean River
National Park was given a half-day holiday last
Nov. 11. Some 1,200 international tourists visit
it each day, threatening the limestone krast
mountain landscape consisting stalactite and
stalagmite rock formations.

In line with Presidential Proclamation No. 816, the City of Puerto Princesa and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), with the Office of the President, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and New Seven Wonders organization, held a festival celebration for one of the two Unesco World Heritage Sites in Palawan.

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Dayaw indigenous festival to tackle issues on peace and environment

DAYAWfestival highlights the
importance and richness of cultural
minorities from different regions of
the Philippines.

What have happened to the indigenous communities in Mindanao a year after the Zamboanga siege and the signing of the Bangsamoro peace agreement?

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