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How to keep romance alive


When Migs and I got married, we had all the time in the world for weekly date nights. I would look for interesting places to dine in or visit.

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Resolving De Lima’s dilemma on Ashley Madison


In 1999, Pope John Paul II (now Saint John Paul) announced that we must “forget the flames of fire and the devils with pitchforks,” and that heaven was not up in the clouds and hell was not a physical place either.

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What to do with a philandering husband and his long-distance affair?


I’m a 55-year-old woman—married in the past 30 years, still employed and a grandmother. My problem is my husband. While we were just getting to know each other, he had a relationship with someone else. My parents were against him in the beginning because he has been a diabetic since he was three and feared I would only be taking care of him all my life.

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Hair transplants: Pakistan’s new weapon of mass seduction

Pakistan Hair Transplant

Mohammad Shahid’s eyes lit up when he saw his once bald cousin come home one day with a head full of hair and a strutting gait to match.

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Is ‘perfect’ couple’s marriage on the rocks?

FABIO Ide andMichelle Pamintuan

Tongues are wagging, loud whispers in the air about a gorgeous woman of the world who travels at a drop of her laced handkerchief to different exciting cities around Europe, South Africa and the US.

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