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She bears a torch for a man who never really loved her


I am in my 40s, a single mother and business owner in the Visayas. I fell in love with a married man for 10 years starting in 1999. He told me he loved me and did not love his wife anymore. I considered him my soul mate and would drop everything when he called or texted. I knew his wife and three children because we were in the same line of business and our families used to go on sponsored trips together.

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She’s married, but seeing another man


I began an intimate relationship with an office mate of mine six years ago. I was single at the time, but he was already engaged to his girlfriend of two years. The two of us together was out of the question. He’s Chinese and I am Pinay. He said if only things were different, he could be with me.

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The love of her life was a married man–whose children hate her


I lost somebody I loved dearly for 31 years. I was only 20 when I met him, the greatest love of my life. He was not very handsome nor well-off, but I was so comfortable with him.

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She’s trapped in a cold, sexless marriage


My husband and I have known each other for 18 years—first in an 11-year relationship, and then married for five. He told me our relationship would meet its fruition with marriage. He is only three years older, but I look up to him.

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Resist the urge to start a scandal at your husband’s office


My husband and I separated a few months ago, because of the usual reason—a third party who is his officemate. Is it proper if I inform the company of their immorality? The mistress is married but has been separated for a long time now.

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