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She’s Oprah’s Fashion Editor


When she was just starting her career in New York, Clarissa Cruz often had to make do with cocktail olives and canapés for dinner. She’s now fashion features editor of O, the Oprah Magazine, and works on cover shoots with the celebrity host whom she describes as a “hands-on boss and a great collaborator”.

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A $38,000 handbag not unheard of in luxury market

Oprah Winfrey. AP

A $38,000 handbag? For most people, it’s unthinkable.

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The fifth card


A bit under the weather recently, I watched more than my normal share of television. My usual TV schedule starts with the evening news. Although I am not too crazy about the format, it keeps me informed.

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The dangers of hypnotic regression

DANGEROUS IN THE HANDS OF AN AMATEUR. Israeli hypnotizer Uri Geller doing a centuries-old trick in a trade show in Cannes, France in 2007.  More than entertainment, hypnotism could bring many benefits to mankind and help solve difficult problems if used in the proper way. AFP FILE PHOTO ERIC ESTRADE

The growing acceptance of the concept of reincarnation, despite our strong Catholic orientation, has given rise to a good number of individuals performing past life hypnotic regression, even though they may not be qualified to do so. I’ve heard, for example, some psychics, fortune tellers, mediums, exorcists and even feng shui specialists practicing it. Hypnosis […]

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