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OCTOBER 27, 2022

There are truths that need to be told, secrets which should be revealed, and regimens that can turn our health around.


It is always better to be in the know. So, who said that what you don’t know won’t hurt you?


Here are a few eye-openers to broaden our perspective.

Drinking water cannot drown you.


Unless you’ve taken 10 gallons of water consecutively, you won’t drown. There is an age-old practice in China called the water detox. If you’ve accidentally taken something you’re highly allergic to, inadvertently overdosed on antibiotics or swallowed something poisonous, a five-gallon pail of water is given to you to drink.


Then, with your index finger, you tickle your throat by reaching down and triggering the reflex muscles to vomit. Within minutes, all that you have eaten, plus the unwanted toxin will be expelled.


The grueling part is drinking until your stomach floats. While this is an emergency remedy, it is best to consult your physician first.


The message here is that too little water in our bodies is worse than too much. Ideally, to maintain our body fluids, drink eight to 12 glasses of water. People with chronic headaches and persistent hunger pangs may just be dehydrated. So, before you reach out for medication or gorge on that sandwich, drink up. You may just be thirsty.


An allergy depresses your immune system.

Because taking an antihistamine is not a cure-all, study your body well for allergies. We should all know that a simple sneezing bout, runny nose and watery eyes is not the only sign of an allergy.


There could be inflammation inside that can manifest in the form of exhaustion, irritability and sleeplessness.

Most people who are sick suffer from major food and environmental allergies. And all the while, they are unaware of it.


Perhaps it’s your favorite shrimp dish, facial/body soap, detergent, house paint, etc. which is causing it. A regular, chronic allergy is a warning sign from your body that you are exposed to something toxic. Find out the root cause of your allergy. Rule it out. And replace it with something natural and healthy.


Garlic is good.


Suffer the “garlic breath.” Allicin comes from raw garlic. It is a compound that is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Moreover, it boosts the immune system. This natural cure is one of the most effective preventive measures you can take to combat illness. Taken raw during meals or in capsule form, garlic oil contains the natural antibiotic that can soothe body pain and inflammation.


Say goodbye to colds and flu once you begin your daily garlic oil regimen (www.affinitylifestyles.com).


Goodbye, acid reflux


Persistent heartburn, indigestion and “acid reflux” are caused by your body’s reduced ability to produce digestive enzymes and digestive acid.


Living enzymes in fruits and vegetables are killed through overcooking.


Eating any food from a box or can means no enzymes. Fresh produce not organically grown may be exposed to irradiation (a process used to kill bacteria) or pasteurization (heated to 220 degrees). Thus the enzymes are killed.

To prevent acid reflux:

1. Eat raw (uncooked) ripe fruits and fresh vegetables.

2. Take one capsule of probiotics or “good bacteria” daily with your meal. One of the reasons why the body is hindered in the production of digestive enzymes is the possible presence of candida, a yeast which causes fungus. Taking probiotics daily prevents candida from overpopulating the stomach.

3. Cut back on sugar and alcohol; both of these substances are the food of candida. By lessening your sugar intake, you cut down the food supply of fungus.


Constipation can kill you.


Believe it or not, the human body was designed to have two to three bowel movements a day. Constipation plagues millions worldwide. This condition leads to all types of complications: allergies, stress, insomnia, depression, gas, obesity, heart disease, bad breath, body odor, diabetes, bad complexion.

Digested food should not stay longer than four hours in the body. When food is stuck in the small intestines, it moves slowly through the gut. When this happens it begins to putrefy. Soon, the small and large intestines expand (sometimes five to 10 times their normal size), and the result is having a “pouch” or big gut. The stuck-up matter becomes the breeding ground for candida and parasites.


Cures for constipation:

1. Prune juice or prunes

2. Aloe vera juice or gel

3. Castor oil

4. Natural laxatives like senna or cascara sagrada

5. Walking or rebounding (trampoline)

6. Psyllium fiber

7. Drinking more water

8. Taking high-fiber grain or cereal

9. Enemas

10. Colonics

11. Parasite cleanse

12. Candida, liver, gall bladder cleanse

Quick cleanse:

1/3 cup castor oil

1/3 cup beer (yes, beer!)


Stir. Drink up. Finish the remaining beer over the next 30 minutes. Stay close to a toilet.


Epsom detox:

One glass of apple juice

One glass of warm water

Two to three teaspoons of Epsom salts

Extra-virgin olive oil

Drink one glass of apple juice.

Mix epsom salt in water.

Drink it all.

Take one to two tablespoons of olive oil. Lie down on your left side for 30 minutes. Be near a toilet.

The experience will cleanse your completely.

Affirm today: “I am fearless.”

Love and light!


(Reference: Kevin Trudeau, “More Natural Cures Revealed”)

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