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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The pace of living in the 21st century is more like a dash, rather than an unhurried walk through life. And at this frenetic speed, it is important, if not urgent, to pause and take a break.


People are too busy to write old-fashioned handwritten letters, long replaced by e-mail, or to return phone calls and have a meaningful chat with a friend. Worse, parents who manage both home and office life find themselves too exhausted to save just a little bit of energy to hug their children.


And that is why it is crucial to stay connected with people, and to cherish situations we hold dear. Today is special because I am giving way to a reader (representative of many more) who seeks urgent advice.


Dear Cory,


Throughout my life I have learned the meaning of struggle and success.  I am in my 60s now, and as I look back, there is one nagging question that hounds me: “Could I have done better?”


Growing up in a family of eight, and being a middle child, I learned to compete with my siblings for parental attention. I failed.


To succeed became my one driving force. As a man, I consider failure taboo. And so I won and kept garnering success after success. Although I am a multimillionaire today, I feel impoverished. At the cost of challenges in my marriage, I focused on gaining wealth. Work was my priority. Gold became my god. And in my rise up the corporate ladder, I became intoxicated with success.


Breaking every rule, I reveled in partying, drunken escapades and womanizing. Alcohol became my favorite liquid. I believed then that time was on my side.


My hospital bills here and abroad have run into the millions. My body is slowing down, and as I look in the mirror, I see a person slowly being ravaged by cancer.


Tell me, is it too late? Could I have done more, tried better?





New paradigm


Dear Daniel,


This may sound like a cliché, but it is never too late. Time is still on your side. The new paradigm of thinking is to live to 120!  This is, of course, if you adopt a wellness lifestyle.


From the apologetic tone of your letter, it seems that you have experience your “Aha” moment.


For now, hold on to your moment of enlightenment. Let this be your new and firm foundation.


According to medical experts, there are breakthroughs to be explored and to benefit from. Yes, you can recover from your health challenges. Cancer is no longer the Big C but the small c.  This is because of medical approaches, both conventional and nonconventional. If you have completed your conventional regimen (chemotherapy), maybe it’s time to be more proactive about your treatments. Inform your doctor that you are considering a natural approach. You have nothing to lose.


These immediate regimens come to mind:


Detoxification—Remove the following from your system: heavy metals, parasites, fungus. You can undergo flushing through liver, kidney and blood cleansing via hydrogen peroxide treatments and chelation using Edta.


Vitamin C infusion—Widely used in the neutralizing of free radical damage in the body, mega-doses of vitamin C have been helpful in the fight against cancer.


Colon cleansing—The Dr. Max Gerson Institute ( has had success stories, as far as life extension is concerned. Organic coffee, when introduced through the colon, immediately cleanses the colon (considered the seat of toxicity) and regenerates the liver (the second largest detox organ of the body). It stimulates the liver’s glutathione production by 400 percent.


Being a master antioxidant, it is one of the most effective agents against disease and inflammation.


Vegetarian juicing/enzyme power—Live enzymes live only in fresh, raw, (preferably) organic food. Our cells are nourished by live enzymes.  The more enzyme power you introduce into your body, the stronger the cells are to reverse disease. Get into the habit of eating more raw food, and juicing five to six times daily.


The power vegetables are sprouts (alfalfa, radish), broccoli and leafy greens.


Herbal regimen—There is one star in the herbal horizon: turmeric. Curcumin (the yellow of curry) has been used for over 5,000 years in India as part of Ayurvedic medicine. It addresses conditions like cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases, and is used for overall cleansing of the system.


Exercise—Moderate exercise gets your endorphins going.  Begin your regimen now.


Stress management—Stress has been considered the cause of all illness. Look into your stressors. Consider meditation, vacations, slowing down in general.


Emotional detox—Forgive and forget. Release your negative baggage. Let go of all your bitterness, anger, jealousies, fears. Keep your heart light.  Negative emotions increase the acid levels of the body. Remember, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment.


Prayer—Stay connected with God.


Gratitude—Stay in a state of gratitude.  This has a healing effect on the body.


Today’s affirmation:  “I am alive and well.”


Love and light!

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