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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I was surprised to receive a letter from a 28-year-old woman from Croatia, a country in mid-Europe that we hardly hear about in the Philippines.


Croatia was formerly part of Yugoslavia under the Soviet Union and has a population of about 4 million.


The woman listed questions ranging from astrology to karmic relationships and parapsychology:


1. “Is it possible to change a relationship for the better, into a noble one or even more, a relationship of quality? Or should I just accept it for what it is? Can you change it to what you visualize or want it to be? I feel an obligation to trigger positive changes in that person with whom I feel a strong bond.”


2. “Are events and people in your life meant to happen at the exact time?”


3. “Is astrology also the subject you work with? Astrology by far has given the best answers about situations and people in my life.”


4. “When my mother was 21 years old, she received a note that her grandmother, whom she loved very much, had died in her house in the countryside, so she went with her sister to see her.


“When they were approaching the house, my mother saw her grandmother standing by the door—the way she would always do, to greet them. My mother didn’t say anything so as not to scare her sister. But then her sister shouted, ‘Look, Grandmother!’ They didn’t feel fear since they loved their grandmother.


“The moment they grabbed the knob of the fence, Grandma disappeared. My mom talked about the event with a couple of priests but never got an answer.  Can you explain it?”


The letter-writer from Croatia added that she used to have strong psychic gifts, even at a younger age.


Old soul


She could see “what’s behind people’s behavior, and tell what someone’s horoscope sign is.”


She believes she’s an old soul and enjoys being with people older than herself. She also had power to heal others.


“But since 2008 my gifts were blurred,” she wrote. An inner voice told her it happened when she started wanting things. Since 2010, she has had two relationships with men. The second is still going on.


“I feel like I’ve met these people before. I felt it immediately when I met them. However, I feel deep unrest, restlessness, turmoil. It brings deep feelings of possessiveness, jealousy and obsession. The sexual intensity is unbearable.


“The feelings that scare me are foreign to me, such as emotional manipulations and even power games. On the other hand, both relationships brought positive changes in both of us. It brought stability, tranquility and the knowledge that idealism is possible in this life, and those men brought the quality of vision and broad perspective into my life and were very inspiring.


“The second one is still frightening to me because I can’t find a way to let go,” she said.


Daily meditation


Your questions are not easy to answer, but they are important ones. They are questions that I do not expect a young woman of your age to be asking. You do, indeed, sound like an old soul to me.


Your psychic gifts, your sensitivity to unseen things, are not gone. They were just temporarily set aside as you shifted your focus on more material things. But the two need not be mutually exclusive.


While we are in the physical world, we cannot help but be concerned with physical and material things, too. It is only when we lose our perspective and concentrate only on one aspect of the three-dimensional world that things of the spirit become blurred.


But you can regain them. One way is through daily meditation.


Karmic encounters, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, are there to teach us lessons or meet some karmic obligations. They are never accidental or arbitrary.


It is difficult to get out of a karmic relationship until the lessons are learned by each of you. A strong karmic bond you may have with another person can only be severed when you have understood the reason for the encounter.


A karmic illness can be healed only by understanding the root cause of the illness, usually in a past life or lives.


The sexual aspects of any strong karmic encounter are always intense and, as you said, “unbearable” because you have been doing the same thing in the past and would like to re-experience the same level of intensity which you cannot find or experience with another person, not even with your spouse.




Power play or emotional manipulation between two people in a karmic relationship must be understood for what it is, but need not be accepted by you, nor by your karmic partner.


Can an unpleasant karmic relationship be changed to a more positive one? Yes, by understanding the root cause of the karma in past life encounters with the same soul.


Should something be done about it, or should you just accept it? One need not be a martyr or a slave to one’s past.


The key, as I said, is understanding or awareness of the root cause of the karma. Only then can karma be extinguished.


Now, regarding your question on how your mother and her sister were able to see their departed grandmother: this incident is not at all unusual.


There are many people in the Philippines who have experienced seeing their recently departed relative or close friend. I myself had seen my grandmother outside my window after she was buried. I was 8 or 10 years old then.


Your great-grandmother appeared to your mother and her sister just to say goodbye to them. After that, she is not seen anymore.


Christian priests cannot answer how this is possible, because according to the Christian religion, once a person dies, he or she remains dead and cannot come back to appear to the living. They are forever gone.


What appears to the living, according to them, is just an illusion or the devil. But I don’t agree with this view based on my experience, the testimonies of millions of other people around the world, and a lot of research data on the subject.


Regarding your other question, I am not into the study of astrology. But I am not against it. If, as you said, astrology has helped you understand better your life, then by all means go ahead and pursue it.


But be careful not to swallow everything your horoscope tells you. Your will remains absolutely free. And there is no predestination, except what you have willed it to be.




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