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OCTOBER 27, 2022

We are all living, breathing individuals. And for every breath we take each new morning, we are the living testimonies of the life force within us.


Inner force or life force is intricately connected to the human body. Therefore, in order to properly “house” this power within us, our bodies must be equally strong.


In short, our bodies should achieve optimum health in order to think, feel and act optimally.


While most people know that food is the source of energy, many do not truly understand the vital role of enzymes that provide this energy.


Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life.


Almost all chemical reactions in a biological cell need enzymes in order to occur at rates sufficient for life.


Types of enzymes


There are three basic types of enzymes needed to sustain life.


1. Metabolic enzymes are devoted to energy production in the cells of our body, and at the same time act as detoxifying agents.


2. Digestive enzymes produced within our body enable food to be broken down into its constituent nutrients. The nutrients can then be passed into the bloodstream and what is not used is passed on as waste.


3. Enzymes contained in raw food help us to digest that particular kind of food, but in general do not help in digestion of any other food.


As cooking destroys the food enzymes, raw food is generally better for us than cooked food.


Digestive enzymes produced in our body will allow cooked food to be digested.


The rule is simple:


Raw food is the richest source of enzymes and nothing else can provide enzymatic power unless they are sourced from raw food.


Food that are closest to its natural and unadulterated form guarantee the best of flavor, color, fiber, vitamins/minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants.


This is precisely why food rich in enzymes are called living food.


Expect dramatic changes in your physical, mental and emotional composition once you add more living food in your diet.


The results can be life-changing for the following health challenges:


  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Depression
  • Overweight/obesity problems
  • Migraine
  • Mood swings


Listen to the story of George, a high-powered executive in his 50s:


“I have always felt invincible and expected nothing serious to happen to me. One morning at the office, I felt dizzy and weak. The room was spinning and I could not maintain my balance.


“After a series of tests in the emergency room, my doctor said that I had suffered a mild stroke and that I had type 2 diabetes.


“While I was lucky enough to survive the episode without experiencing paralysis, I was nevertheless rendered weak. So much for my sense of invincibility!


“My sister, whom I used to laugh at for her fanatically healthy lifestyle, introduced me to a wellness regimen. I applied my single-mindedness approach to business onto my health goals.


“Within two weeks on a raw food diet, supervised by my wife and sister, I regained my strength.


“This, plus my weekly vitamin C infusion via IV, helped me get back on my feet.


“Today, after this two-month regimen, I lost 15 lbs and regained my rosy cheeks. I am now a regular jogger.


“I also have a better appreciation for all living food.”


Yes to raw food


To honor the life force in us, start today right by adding more fresh, raw food to your diet. This is what it truly means to be alive in one’s body.


Your kitchen should be stocked with basic ingredients. If you can go to the market twice weekly, much better. Or if you can harvest the vegetables and fruits from your own backyard, this would be the most ideal situation.


Your newfound friends should be:


  • Green, leafy vegetables
  • Fruits of the season
  • Wild, organic rice
  • Oils: olive, virgin coconut, sesame, rice bran
  • All kinds of herbs
  • Nuts: coconut, almonds, cashews. Almonds are considered one of nature’s super food. They lower cholesterol and are rich in vitamin E, magnesium and potassium.


Health tonics


From “Raw,” the amazing book published by The Farm at San Benito, here’s how to make nutritious, enzyme-rich smoothies:


Powerful Protein Smoothie (1 glass)




  • 2 bananas, peeled
  • ½ c coconut juice
  • 3 tbsp wheatgrass juice
  • 1 tsp lime juice
  • Pinch salt
  • ¼ c young coconut meat
  • 3 ice cubes


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into an old-fashioned glass.


The Farm Green Juice (1 glass)




  • 100 g lettuce
  • 300 g cucumber
  • 50 g sprouts
  • ½ green apple
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 1 c buko juice


Combine all ingredients in a juicer or blender. Blend until smooth. Strain using a fine strainer, and transfer to an old-fashioned glass.


But always remember, the easiest enzyme tonic is coconut water or buko juice fresh from the coconut!


Affirmation of the week: “I am alive!”


Love and light!


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