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OCTOBER 27, 2022

As Christmas lists are accomplished and holidays greetings sent, one special name remains unchecked: YOURS.


Question is, did you remember to put your name there at all?


Every year, your calendar is filled to the brim and you find no time for yourself.

Either your career asserts itself on top of your priority list or your duties as a homemaker have left you exhausted.


As a result, you are without energy or simply not in the mood to do anything else beyond your daily routine.


It is time to analyze your priority list. A review of the year gone by will reveal many truths about yourself and the people and things you value most.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas!


After all is said and done, remember to add your own name to your holiday to-do list.


Instead of adding it as the last entry, enter it as first on the list.


Know that you are a special person requiring special treatment.


“Kindness, please.” Starting today, you will no longer accept or receive abusive behavior, language or demands from anyone who has long taken advantage of your goodness. Abuse is present in your life because you allow it. People tend to overstep their boundaries and trespass on your own private space when they know you are too kind or too giving.


Saying no doesn’t make you unkind—it simply means you are kind to yourself. Say no, now. Or you will be saying “yes” to everyone all your life.


Time management


Surprise yourself by saying “no” and enjoy that instant feeling of empowerment. It’s a special kind of high.


“Temperance over indulgence.” Oftentimes we are tempted to go overboard.


For instance:


1) Late nights—Sure, this is inevitable. The stream of parties and invitations can put pressure on yourself, your time and your energy.


Choose your battles well. Sleeplessness and the lack of it can render you weak. The first to give in to the stressful partying is your immune system.

If you need to be out all night and way into the early morning, fortify yourself.


Choose the parties you must attend. If you must go to each one, then manage your time.

Two hours in an event can preserve your energy for the next one.


2) Excessive drinking and eating—If you want to stay slim and fit, don’t overeat or drink. The all too frequent excuses for excessive indulgence are: “But it’s so good”; “How can I deny myself the pleasure?”; and the classic “You only live once!”


But, you could also die tomorrow.


The story goes that a businessman attended all the Christmas parties he was invited to. In what would be his last, office colleagues demanded that he take “just one more helping” of lechon and shot of whisky.


Within an hour he was rushed to a hospital’s emergency room after suffering a heart attack. He vomited lechon as he lay on the hospital bed.

Not to put the blame on the poor pig, but Harry died the day before Christmas.

Moral of the story? It’s okay to indulge but keep it in small portions. One can have delight without courting danger.


“Fortify yourself.” Everyday, as we go about our business, meet people, commute and engage in all forms of socializing, we are exposed to pollution, viruses and bacteria.


You can shake a lot of hands but please do not touch your face immediately after.


Remember, hygiene first. Wash your hands frequently. Take vitamin and mineral supplements.


If you forget to take all your vitamins, consider vitamin C as the most important.


Strengthen your body through exercise. The more you do it, the greater your stamina. Walk, swim, run or jog 15-30 minutes daily. It can only do you good.


“Eat healthy.” Before reaching out for a generous serving of creamy pasta, choose first a generous portion of vegetables and fruits. This is called small eating.


A healthy helping of fruits and veggies will add fiber and much needed enzymes to your body. Moreover, the fiber will help balance the sugar in your blood stream when you eat high carbohydrate and sweet foods.


Take care of yourself


“Pamper yourself.” Finally, give in to your most cherished dreams even if they are small pleasures.

Consider a soak bath of essential oils like lavender and sage to relax, or a weekly massage at home or in your favorite spa.


Dine in the specialty restaurant that you have been eyeing for some time now. Have your teeth cleaned and whitened. Undergo a hair makeover. Travel to Sagada or that place of sanctuary in your must-visit dream list.

The things to do could be endless. Choose what is closest to your heart.


This week’s affirmation: “My heart overflows with love!”

Love and light!


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