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OCTOBER 27, 2022

On Dec. 6 last year, I received an e-mail from Philip Raymond Mirasol, a young doctor from Bacolod City, who attended my course on “Basic ESP and Intuition Development” and “Healing Yourself through Visualization.”


His letter described in detail how he healed himself of migraine and even kidney stones using only visualization or mental imagery.


He even attached the ultrasound results showing that his kidneys are now stone-free.


Below are relevant excerpts from Dr. Mirasol’s letter:


“An ultrasound I had on Aug. 17, 2013 showed a single stone in the right middle calyx of my right kidney measuring approximately 7 mm x 4 mm… In order to pass a kidney stone greater than 4 mm, the patient would experience discomfort or pain, and could have colored or bloody urine. In my case, I didn’t experience symptoms.


“In your ‘Self-Healing Through Visualization’ seminar, we were taught how to heal ourselves just by using our mind.


“Before the class, I was experiencing migraine on the left side of my head. I used the visualization technique. I visualized a stone representing the headache, and broke it down using a hammer representing the medicine/treatment. The stone was gradually reduced in size until there were just grains of sand which I swept away. I was able to relieve myself of the pain and discomfort of the migraine.


“Later that day I used the healing visualization technique on my kidney stone and felt that it was gradually decreasing in size. I employed the same technique every night for the last two-and-a-half months. No medicine or ancillary procedures were done.


“Last Nov. 25, I had a follow-up ultrasound and there was no longer any sign of stone passage, no pain nor bloody urine.


“I have taught this technique on several occasions to a few friends and their family, and they were able to rid themselves of headaches, abdominal pain and toothaches.”


Dramatic, useful impact


Visualization is a process of creating a mental image or picture and can be used to improve sports performance, or achieve goals like a dream car, a house, a new job or even a new partner in life.


But it is in healing that visualization can have its most dramatic and useful impact.


In his very practical book “Healing Yourself,” author Dr. Martin Rossman says: “Imagery is a window in your inner world, a way of viewing your own ideas, feelings and interpretations… Through imagery you can stimulate changes in many body functions usually considered inaccessible to conscious influence.”


Great thinkers and philosophers since ancient times knew the role of imagination in promoting health.


According to Jean Achterberg, director of research and rehabilitation science at the University of Texas, “Aristotle believed that the emotional system did not function in the absence of imagination.”


What the mind imagines, the body accepts as true and real.


And that was what the French healer and pharmacist Emil Coue discovered. He blazed trails in developing a new approach to healing, which he called the “Science of Suggestology.”

Coue also formulated the famous suggestion or affirmation that should be repeated at least 16 times: “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.”


And many did become better, long before psychology and hypnosis came into the picture.


In his book, “Imagery for Healing,” William Fezler, Ph.D., supports the fact that “what you imagine can heal you.”

But it’s equally true that what you imagine can also make you sick.


For the record, aside from kidney stones, other health problems have been healed through the use of visualization as I teach in my seminar.


For example, sinusitis, myoma, skin problems, back pain, gastritis, thinning of the osteocartilage of the knees, and even an herniated spinal disc can be healed through this technique.

The possibilities of visualization for healing are limitless.


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