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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Part 1

There comes a time in your life when everything seems to be falling apart. Each time you see your reflection in the mirror, you sigh in exasperation. There are even mornings when you have no energy to get out of bed. So, you ask yourself when you reach that point of frustration, what’s wrong with me?

Body talk goes both ways: from your body to you; and from you to your body. Before we begin to tackle the lack of anything, let’s take a look at what’s right.

If you are truly health-conscious and hands-on with your healthcare, you must be undergoing an executive checkup yearly and visiting your dentist twice yearly.

Your starting point is your doctor’s health prognosis. But more important is how you actually feel. Even if your physician gives you an A-OK on your checkup but you don’t feel quite right, then be honest. Tell your doctor.

On the other hand, when you are given a diagnosis that is something you wish to challenge, then do so. You must take a proactive role in your health condition and challenges.

For example, your blood sugar is high and you are now type II diabetic. The immediate matter under your control is lifestyle. Even if you are placed under mild medication and you continue to eat bowls of ice cream daily, then you are the problem—not your high blood sugar levels. So don’t blame it on your doctor, medicine or the ice cream. Blame yourself.

If you are a take-charge kind of person, then chances are, there is everything right about you. Let’s tackle some of your questions to determine what’s really wrong.


I have absolutely no energy after a good night’s sleep. What do I do? At 50, I am a woman with two careers—my home and my job.

You could be overworking yourself. Your complaint is a common one. If your doctor’s visit proves to be positive, then let’s have a look at your lifestyle. Normally a simple blood test will reveal the truth.

But let’s rule out some questions. Are you anemic (low iron levels can cause weakness and dizziness); getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep; drinking eight to 15 glasses of water daily (this, because dehydration is a major culprit in many health problems, including lack of energy); having thyroid problems (have a thorough thyroid screening, as both hypo and hyperthyroidism can cause problems with metabolism)?

Some vegetarians often complain of weakness. This is because of a lack of iron intake. May I suggest vitamin K supplements sourced from alfalfa?

Are you lacking in exercise? If you used to be in the gym daily and suddenly your regimen has been interrupted, then your body must be showing signs of rebellion such as tiredness, lack of vitality. In time you will be too lazy to exercise at all.

Nosebleeds are a common occurrence in my life, whether I am in a cold climate or hot.

Most nosebleeds can be frightening, but don’t be alarmed. Bleeding normally comes from the anterior (front) portion of the nose, rarely from the posterior (back of nose). Causes can range from blowing the nose too hard, picking the nose, sinus infection, extreme changes of temperature, trauma to the head or nose, the intake of aspirin or other blood thinning medicines.

But here’s trivia you may not know: Sometimes a deficiency in vitamin K can be the cause of minor nosebleeds.

Home remedies are simple. Sit up straight. Don’t lean back. Pinch your nose. Do not swallow the blood. Spit it out. Ice packs do not work. Stay in a cool place. A humidifier helps.

My skin became wrinkled overnight. Help!

Your skin will not wrinkle overnight. It takes years to do that. But here’s a quick relief: Get virgin coconut oil (5 tbsp), mix with fresh uncooked oatmeal (1/8 cup), add 1 tbsp sugar. Scrub your entire body. Rinse. Apply 3 tbsp of virgin coconut oil (VCO) on your face, neck, elbows—all problem areas. Rub until it is absorbed by your skin. Sleep with your VCO-nourished skin. Next morning you will notice that your skin is smoother and silky to the touch.

This week’s affirmation: “There is so much good in me.”

Love and light!

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