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OCTOBER 27, 2022

AS WE GO about the business of living our lives, we are unknowingly exposed to all kinds of infections.


According to my friend Jimmy Dy-Liacco, who is a certified naturopath practitioner under the Department of Health/Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, “There are more pathogenic parasites in this world then there are people. Their mission is to invade our bodies.”


A prostate cancer survivor, Jimmy, now 84, shares his natural healing approaches, specifically ways to cure cancer naturally.


Raw pork pancreas, which digests the outer coating of cancer cells so the immune system can enter the cells to kill them.


Raw beef liver is the richest source of vitamins and minerals and the best blood builder of the immune system.


Joseph’s story


In 2006, Jimmy got a call from Dr. William Donald Kelley, creator of the Enzyme Therapy for cancer, which had cured 33,000 terminal cancer patients in the United States. Kelly himself was once terminally ill with pancreatic cancer.


His 18-month battle proved to be the most compelling example of natural healing. Oncologists had given him one and a half months to live. After 18 months, he lived another 43 years.


Kelley had referred to Jimmy an 18-year-old boy named Joseph, who had esophageal cancer and with lesions from the throat to the stomach.


The boy had been reduced to skin and bones because he was unable to eat. Kelley decided to send the boy to Manila.


At that time, the regimen consisted of consuming 150 capsules of food supplements a day.


Jimmy gave the boy the following:


2 tbsp of fresh, raw pork pancreas seven times a day


3 tbsp raw beef liver once a day


2 raw eggs mixed with 6 finely chopped regular chili pepper (siling labuyo) three times a day


2 ripe uncooked bananas (native saba)


No cooked food for six months.


After six months, the diet was adjusted to 70 percent raw food and 30 percent cooked, just like the Japanese diet. (The Japanese are the longest living people on earth. A 2012 news report from the Japan Ministry of Health said there were 28,395 Japanese who were 100 years and above, all living active lives! The United Nations predicts that by 2050, there will be 1 million Japanese living 100 years and older.)


Organic coffee enema, to remove dead, rotting cancer cells from the body.


Introduce 1 quart of brewed coffee (4 tbsp of barako ground coffee in 1 quart) 15 inches into the colon with a flexible rubber catheter. Hold for 15 minutes before releasing the fluid.


Enema to be done one to eight times a day (depending on how advanced the cancer is). Joseph did his enemas four times daily.


90 drops a day of Super Phos 30 in apple juice or sweet fruit juice (contents: phosphoric acid, choline, vitamin B6, which dissolves plaques), to clear arteries of all blockages, in order for the blood to flow freely to carry the enzyme from the pancreas to wherever there are cancer cells. To be taken daily for life.


Intestinal herbal cleanse formula No. 1 (from the united States), for detoxification—to cleanse the colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and blood. Bowel movement becomes possible three times a day. It also helps to remove old fecal waste lining colon walls and trapped pockets of fecal waste (medically called diverticulitis) and remove polyps and toxic heavy metals and parasites. To be taken daily for life.


The Adam and Eve diet, which is 100 percent raw food for six months.


Joseph is now married and has a 4-year-old son. He was cured in the Philippines, and has embraced a healthy lifestyle. Within months, he was in the gym lifting weights.


Isabella’s story


When Jimmy’s 6-year-old granddaughter Isabella fell ill, a screening method called muscle-testing, taught by Dr. James Overman from Ohio, discovered that she had tuberculosis. This was eventually confirmed by X-rays.


Her therapy:


Mayco Zapper—a descendant of the Royal Rife Machine, US-developed electric device (made by Dr. Royal Rife) which runs 1 milliampere of electricity through the body. It will not kill a cockroach but will destroy all microscopic parasites.


Zapping—1 hour session three times a day with intervals of two hours.


Herbal remedies


Proteka—a potent combination of stone root, Oregon grape root, saw palmetto berry, pau d’arco bark, L-lysine HCL, wormseed, wintergreen leaf, olive leaf, L-glutamic acid, wormwood herb, male fern, motherwort, African bird’s eye, chili pepper, 90,000 hu, oregano Greek, yarrow flower, malva flower (black), L-aspartic acid, cellulose.


Puricell—taken in tandem with Proteka to kill parasites.


The good news: In two weeks, Isabella was well and was allowed to return to school.


Natural healing is based on the fact that the human body is created of entirely natural cells. Therefore, to fortify it, the body lives on nutrition.


Search Jimmy online or call 9242487.


This week’s affirmation: “I am in a perfect state of health and grace.”

Love and light!


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