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OCTOBER 27, 2022

THERE are many stories of individuals behaving in an unusual manner several weeks before they die of sudden illness or an accident.


Some have been observed suddenly visiting old relatives or old friends they were not even close to. Others suddenly got life insurance they never bothered about previously. Or they may even want to reconcile with old enemies.


It is as if they somehow knew that they were about to die, even if such death occurred instantly and without warning.


One cosmetologist, for example, celebrated her 30th birthday with a party for close friends. During that party, she was overheard saying, “Better enjoy yourselves tonight because this is going to be my last birthday party.”


Several days later, she was run over by a speeding car while crossing Edsa at midnight.


Premonitions of death are not really uncommon. And one reason that has been given by certain schools of thought is that more or less 30 days before a person dies, his or her soul already knows it.


There is a famous story about US President Abraham Lincoln dreaming of his death several days before he was assassinated. The story was revealed by his close friend and law partner, Ward Hill Lamon.


According to Lamon’s account, which appeared in a book of reminiscences compiled by his daughter and published two years after Lamon’s death, Lincoln related to him that he dreamt that as he entered the East Room of the White House, he heard people sobbing and then “saw a covered corpse resting on a catafalque, surrounded by soldiers.”


“Who is dead in the White House?” asked Lincoln, and the soldier answered, “The president. He was killed by an assassin.” Lincoln then woke up and did not sleep again that night.


About a week after that dream, President Lincoln was in fact assassinated by John Wilkes Booth inside a theater.




Although some historians doubt Lamon’s story, because nobody else mentioned President Lincoln telling that dream to anybody else, not even to his wife Mary Todd Lincoln, I have no reason to believe that Lamon invented that story. Why? Because many people all over the world have reported to have had premonitions of their deaths several days or weeks before these actually happened.


Our subconscious mind is a repository of knowledge of past, present and even future events in our life. It also has knowledge of all our previous lives on this planet, and perhaps even other planets and galaxies, as well.


Some Indian and Tibetan masters have developed the art or science of “conscious dying.”


It is said, for example, that the world-famous Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba, considered a god by his numerous followers all over the world, had predicted the exact date of his death several years before it actually took place on April 24, 2011.


It seems reasonable to think that if our will is absolutely free and we have a choice of when, where and under what circumstances we are to be born on Earth, why shouldn’t we also have a choice of when we shall die?


It is true we may not be conscious of the exact hour of our death, because only God knows it, but deep in our soul, or in our subconscious mind, we know. And so, people do odd things or behave in strange ways weeks before they die.



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