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OCTOBER 27, 2022

(Part 2)


NOW THAT we have set our priorities, here’s more cell talk to deepen our understanding of the human body.



Let’s simplify matters. Without energy, there is no proper organ function. With organs malfunctioning, disease is imminent. How, then, can we ensure that our organs get energized?


The secret lies in the mitochondria, tiny organelles found within every cell. Most of the cells in the body have 1,000-2,000 mitochondria. Their primary role is to produce energy. To optimize mitochondrial function actually means to prevent its dysfunction. How? Through proper nutrition.



Mitochondria need oxygen from the good quality air one breathes, plus fat and glucose from the food you eat.



This process of breathing and eating is called oxidative phosphorylation. With this, energy is generated. However, this process also has by-products like oxidation (scientifically known as ROS or reactive oxygen species) which is damaging to cells.



What’s the trade-off?        



In the process of producing energy, the body also ages from the damage caused by ROS.



But there’s a solution: damage can be minimized by a super diet.



So, even with the bad news there’s also good news. The power is indeed in our own hands—our ability to choose what is good and what is bad.



What to do?



1) Improve nutrition. Go for whole foods. Eat healthy. If it’s green and leafy (and preferably organic), then it is nutritious.



Here’s how to cleanse veggies, fruits, meats, rice and other food.



Place the fresh food items in a basin with this mixture:



1 tablespoon baking soda

1 teaspoon sea salt

2 tbsp native vinegar (not synthetic)

Keep food submerged in this solution for 20-30 minutes. You will see the unsightly sediments, dirt and even worms float upward.



Rinse again in flowing water.



Three hours



2) Avoid late-night eating. Ideally you should have finished your meals three hours before bedtime.



3) Fast. Regular restriction of calories can prolong your life. If you can fast once a month, then it’s a great start toward better health. Fasting limits free radical production. This, too, gives your digestive tract a good rest.



4) Take antioxidants. A vitamin-mineral supplement is designed to combat oxidation.



Feed the mitochondria with the following:


COQ10 or ubiquinol








Omega-3 fatty acids




Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)



5) Exercise. This facilitates the creation of more mitochondria.



The usual motive behind fasting regimens is to lose weight. But there is a far better reason: to get healthier.



The secret is to fast at an intermittent pace. No need for starvation diets.

The usual rule is never to skip meals. But latest studies have shown that skipping meals may not be such a bad idea.



Intermittent fasting simply means prolonging the gap between meals. If you think that you have never fasted before, then you are wrong. This is because when you are sleeping, you are actually fasting!



Why should you fast?



Responsiveness to insulin: Fasting improves and regulates blood sugar and eases cravings/hunger.



Life extension: Recent data suggests that limiting food intake may lower the risk of certain diseases.



For now, the easiest way to fast is to eat less of almost everything—carbohydrates, sugar, oil, protein—except, of course, water. Try it. Just take 75 percent of your usual intake. For example, if you are used to one cup of rice per meal, or a total of three cups, reduce your intake to two cups. It’s easy, once you set your mind to it. As in all things in life, the key to genuine success is commitment.




This week’s affirmation: “I am committed to life.”

Love and light!


(References: mercola.com; Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D., Salk Institute for Biological Sciences; foundmyfitness.com)


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