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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A FRIEND of mine recently asked if it was all right for him to buy a house and lot in a new subdivision where a long-closed hospital used to stand. The subdivision is located in a quiet suburb northeast of Manila. I advised him against buying that property for reasons I shall explain.


Actually, I have already written some years ago in this column the unseen things one should consider before buying real estate property or moving to a new house. It may be worth summarizing these important and often ignored factors.


1) Are there indications of the presence of earthbound spirits in the place? Do people get goose bumps, or does their hair stand when in that place? These could be indications of earthbound spirits.


Just because a house is newly built and has not been previously occupied does not mean it is free of negative spirits. It is possible people were buried there before the house was constructed.


2) Was the property once the site of a hospital or cemetery? Even if there is no sign or indication of presence of spirits in the place, I still would hesitate to buy property or live there because of the negative energies that still linger.


I remember many years ago, I was asked to see if there were negative spirits in an empty lot located somewhere in the Greenhills area. When I started at the center of the property, I at once felt a very strong negative and heavy energy. I almost fell into a trance and immediately ran outside the enclosed perimeter fence.


I learned later on that there used to stand a hospital with a reputation for having an unusually high number of patient deaths every year, compared to other hospitals in the country.


Because of my findings, the new investors decided against putting up a building there. It remained a parking area for vehicles for some time. I do not know what other later investors decided to do with it.


Nauseated and uneasy


There is a small mall and supermarket located somewhere south of Manila. Every time I pass the bridge in front of that mall going to Tagaytay or Laguna, I feel nauseated and uneasy. I found out later that the mall stood on a former cemetery. The negative energy could still be felt, although I presume that all those buried in that cemetery must have been transferred elsewhere when the mall was built.


3) Is the property located on top of negative earth rays underground? Negative earth rays are also known as “geopathic stress,” the term used by Mr. Rolf Gordon, who wrote a very important and practical guide to understand and avoid negative earth rays. He called the book, “Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place?”


According to Gordon, the natural, undisturbed vibrations or energies of the earth are not harmful to man. “We have lived with the natural vibrations which rise up through the Earth’s mantle for millions of years,” said Gordon. But “when these vibrations encountered subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground plateaus and cavities are harmful to living organisms.”


The Chinese and other ancient cultures, like the Vikings, Druids, Gypsies and Greeks, knew the harm caused by negative earth rays or geopathic stress and avoided building houses on such places.


Gordon added that a study of a large number of cancer patients in Germany revealed that all of them had been living or sleeping in a house on top of negative earth rays. His book shows how to avoid such negative earth rays by simply moving one’s bed a few feet away from them.


4) Is the property near high tension wires or electronic transformers? Studies have shown that these wires emit very strong electromagnetic field radiation or EMF which is harmful to humans. Studies in Sweden and Japan have revealed that children who lived near such places developed mostly cancer of the blood and brain tumors.


Hopefully, architects and real estate developers will consider these unseen factors when constructing houses and buildings in any place.


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