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OCTOBER 27, 2022

YOUR health and well-being matter. The interest and attention you give them will significantly contribute to a stronger you.


Here are straightforward answers to your questions.


Why am I so exhausted at the end of a working day?


There could be many reasons why you run out of steam.


1) Dehydration. Often when you are so focused on work, you tend to forget to drink water or eat a meal.  Stick to a routine, say, one full glass of water every waking hour and a light meal every two hours.


2) Over- or under-nutrition. While some of us eat to stay alive, others live to eat.  The tendency is to pay attention to quantity rather than quality. Be mindful of all that is healthy. The feeling of satisfaction you get from nutritious enzyme-rich food is different from what you get from tasty dishes designed to only tickle the palate. Eating too little is just as bad as too much if you are into junk and unhealthy foods.


3) Vitamin-mineral deficiency. Have a blood test. You could be low on B complex.


4) Hormone deficiency.  Find out if your hormone levels are normal. Low testosterone and cortisol could be the culprits.


5) Lack of exercise. Exercise builds up energy, so you must get enough of it.


6) Heart problems. An executive checkup should be able to rule it out.


If there is nothing medically wrong with you, then stress is your energy vampire. You could be overworked physically, mentally and emotionally. See a life coach or therapist.


Cautious and alert


Can I believe the ads that say that nonfat foods keep you slim?


Be cautious and alert. It pays to read the labels. It isn’t true that if it says “non-fat,” you will not gain weight.


While it may sound very re-assuring to read “non-fat” on the product, analyze the ingredients before buying.   Sometimes there are things like hydrogenated oils, hidden or synthetic sugars. Low or non-fat would actually mean dairy and red-meat free, sugar-free and reduced oils, low carbohydrate, vegetable protein instead of animal-sourced protein.


Unfortunately, food manufacturers devised a process to solidify fats/oils which created transfats. Today, the danger of transfats being linked to heart disease and cancer are known. So, be judicious in choosing that “so-called” zero-fat product. It might just have more sugar than you think.


How to read labels


Too much vs. just right


Total fat: More than 20 g per 100 g  vs less than 3 g per 100g


Saturates: More than 5 g per 100 g 1.5 g vs less per 100 g


Sugar: More than 15 g per 100 g vs. 5 g or less per 100g


(Reference:  www.bbcgoodfood.com)


It’s tough to give up your tasty snacking. Go easy on these favorites: turkey, bacon; low-fat baked goodies (packaged); rich, creamy salad dressings; reduced-fat peanut butter; potato chips. All these could be loaded with sugars, nitrates/nitrites, coloring, stabilizers/preservatives, synthetic flavoring.


What is the best way to prevent heart disease?


According to cardiologists, you should follow a heart-friendly lifestyle:


1) Moderate exercise

2) Low-fat diet plan

3) Zero bad habits—no smoking and moderate alcohol drinking

4) Manage/minimize stress levels.

5) Watch your weight (no drastic swings from overweight to underweight).

6) Eat plenty of garlic or take garlic supplements.

7) Control sugar and salt consumption,

8) Drink more water, less sodas

9) Laugh everyday.


Could I have aging eyes?  They seem itchy and dry sometimes.


According to the US National Eye Institute, dry eyes happen when tears are not properly produced, evaporate too quickly or do not have good consistency.


Inflammation of the surface could also be the cause, or cosmetic surgery if the eyes have been opened too widely. This must not be left untreated, as this condition could deteriorate and lead to more eye damage.


See your ophthalmologist immediately. Try to rule out an allergy, too.


This week’s affirmation: “I will always keep the faith.”


Love and light!


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