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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Jaime Dy-Liaco, known as a certified naturopath practitioner and doctor of metabolic medicine, has written a book, “The Power of Natural Healing.”

In it, he tells his story which he considers his life’s greatest achievement: beating cancer. This year marks his 23rd anniversary as a prostate cancer survivor.

But his life has transcended the battle against this dreaded illness. Today he is a health warrior. Committing himself to the advocacy of sharing knowledge, Jimmy conducts healing missions wherever he is invited, even to the remotes areas in the Philippines.

Citing important principles and practices from the book, here are few enlightening and inspiring highlights.

Spiritual centeredness

No healing can occur without the proper mindset. The human being is composed of body, mind and spirit.

1) Focus on the spirit first. Accept that all healing, without exception, comes from the Holy Spirit.

2) Restore the body to its original creation. Remember that the human body has a natural environment. Respect its true nature, made of 75 percent water and 25 percent matter. Know that water is vital to life. If water levels in the body drop to zero, then death is a certainty.

3) Accept that everyone has an end. All life has a finality. Whenever and whatever the call, be calm in your acceptance of death’s inevitability.

Protect your life force

Before we all meet our end, let’s prolong life. And in prolonging it, enjoy it as best we can. This doesn’t mean that you have a license to abuse your body. There are still rules, after all. And the key to a good and healthy life is simply moderation. The basic rules, which most forget, bear repetition. The foundation consists of the following:

Ear nutritious foods.

Drink water and freshly prepared juices.

Sleep seven to eight hours (before 11 p.m. preferably).

Exercise 20-30 minutes daily.

Manage your stress levels.

Pray and meditate.

Laugh often.

Forgive your enemies.

Unburden your heart.

Fighting cancer

Educated and trained by Dr. William Donald Kelley at the College of Metabolic Medicine in Kansas, United States, Jimmy received his credentials late in life—at age 70. According to Dr. Kelly, it is the patient who will cure himself by committing to a strict regimen.

Cancer is nothing more than a nutritional deficiency. By boosting the health levels of a patient through nutrition, the immune system is fortified to fight cancer. This, plus detoxification procedures, will restore balance to the body.

The therapy includes:

1) Killing cancer cells. There is a tough coating which cancer cells have. This has to be digested by powerful enzymes. Once the cancerous cells lose their protective shield, the immune system can attack them. Mega-doses from raw pork pancreas or pancreatic enzyme tablets have the power to melt the defensive armor of the sick cells.

A super immune booster comes in the form of eating beef liver. Taken like sashimi (with any of your favorite dipping sauces), this regimen enriches the blood almost instantly.

2) Colon detox. Organic coffee enemas clear the colon of any rotting, leftover excrement. The colon is a feeding ground for bacteria. Keep it clean.

3) Unblock the arteries. Blood must flow freely.

4) Metabolic processes of the body must be restored through proper hydration and proper normal digestion. All cancer patients suffer from indigestion. This is the reason why the nutrients from the food are not properly absorbed. The result is poor nutrition. Fix a gut problem with effective digestion enzymes.

5) Follow the Adam and Eve Diet. A lifestyle change is in order. Embrace a 100-percent raw food diet for six months. After the sixth month, a 70 percent raw-30 percent cooked food diet is recommended. The Japanese are considered the longest-living people on earth. This is because 70 percent of their diet is raw.

6) Drop the bad habits. If you are sick, then it is time to stop smoking and drinking.

Final message from Jimmy: “Do not be afraid of cancer.”
This week’s affirmation: “I am fearless because God is with me.”

Love and light!

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