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OCTOBER 27, 2022


People at every age can experience fatigue. If you feel that you lack the energy to function properly, perhaps it is time to look into your HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis.

There are changes that need to be made:

1) Balance. You cannot run on empty every day. If you feel that exhaustion is creeping in, lighten your load. The appointments you cancel could save you from collapsing from tiredness. Your health comes first.

2) Think about your mental patterns. After your first sneeze, don’t tell yourself that you are coming down with a cold. It is your thought patterns that could be your undoing. Find quiet time to be with yourself. Negative self-talk is probably something you are not aware of. Once a day, to fight burnout, speak a blessing upon yourself and your life.

3) Good food. Choose vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber. Learn the difference between low-glycemic and high-glycemic foods. The higher the sugar, the more you depress your immune system. Highest in sugar in the fruit kingdom are mangoes, cantaloupe and watermelon. So eat in moderation.

Get up

4) Get your lymphatic system stimulated. Even if you are bedridden from tiredness, get up and walk around. Lying down all day will make you weaker.

5) If you are using chemical-based cleaning products, then you must remember that your liver and kidneys will be stressed. Even certain cosmetics, nonstick cookware and plastic containers have toxins in them.

6) Get help from herbs like reishi mushrooms, rhodiola and Siberian ginseng. They prevent adrenal fatigue.

7) Get help from supplements. Vitamin C ranks highest in fighting off stress. Take a minimum of 1,000 mg daily.
Vitamin B5 plays a potent role in addressing chronic fatigue. Natural sources are sweet potatoes legumes, broccoli, salmon and tomatoes.

8) Exercise daily. Even a 20-minute workout like brisk walking can help maintain your energy levels.

9) Have enough sleep. People who deprive themselves of seven to eight hours nightly sleep will reach the point of breakdown.

10) Hydrate. Without eight to 12 glasses of water daily, your body will be deprived of hydration. Drink as much water as you can. Do you feel you are unable to drink the desired amount of water? Then you probably have gas in your tummy. Take probiotics and digestive enzymes at least twice a day.

11) Turn your home into a harmonious place. Play soothing music.

12) Stay away from low-energy people. They shouldn’t be in your life.

This week’s affirmation: “My energy levels are up.”


Reference: Dr. Alex and Laurie Steelsmith, “Natural Choices for Women’s Health.”

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