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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Nobody wants to get sick. And there isn’t a single person on this planet who has ever been pain-free or disease-free.

Let’s try to understand how our built-in defense system works. By studying it, we can be guided to support it through our lifestyle choices.

Best defense

The immune system is actually a network of white blood cell antibodies, tissues and organs that work together to execute the job. Their only goal is to target all “foreign invaders” that attack the body. Their enemies are microbes like bacteria, parasites and fungi which cause infection.

In the event of an infection, this is what happens. The first major attack, once the line of defense is breached, is called innate immunity, a collection of white blood cells and chemical messengers. This is only activated by the “recognition” of molecules found in the invaders. Thus, there is a seek, identify and destroy duty assigned to white blood cells.

When bacteria is present, there is an expected inflammatory response. Once the pathogen has been spotted, chemical messengers release histamines, leukotrienes and prostaglandins. The symptoms: swelling, redness, and heat at the infected site.

For example, the presence of sticky mucus means that dust and microbes have been trapped and carried away by cilia, tiny hairs on the cells lining the immune system.

Transfer factors

In this 21st century, the landscape of medical science is rapidly changing. In short, we know so much more about how our own bodies function.

In 1954, transfer factors were discovered. They are small immune messenger molecules produced by higher organisms. Henry Sherwood Lawrence discovered this ancient part of the immune system which represents what is considered an archaic dialect in cell talk. Yes, the cells have a language. And today, with the help of a breakthrough, one can “contribute” to the conversation.

More importantly, with the introduction of an all-natural food supplement called 4-Life from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk, the recovery of a person from various health challenges is a positive expectation based on actual testimonials.

Truth is, the human body has transfer factors called cells-mediated immunity. This actual cell language was found to be existing in cows and chickens.

A patented technology by a US-based company called 4-Life successfully created a nutrition-based food supplement with the use of transfer factors.

Since the late ’90s, transfer-factors based nutritional supplementation has become extremely popular. And it is now in the Philippines.

According to studies, transfer-factors improve the communication between cells. They include helper and regulator-factors which have been shown to induce an immune response within 24 hours.


There is a growing number of positive testimonials from people worldwide. There have been reports of encouraging health turnaround, such as the case of Ellen Escofal, 52, with stage 2B breast cancer, who underwent mastectomy but refused chemo.

After three years, her cancer spread to her lungs. Upon learning about transfer factor on my DZMM teleradyo show on Sundays, she decided to take the oral supplementation for a year. Today, she is in remission.

Cenon Hermojas, 61, a diabetic who was due for dialysis, went on the TF regimen. His sugar and creatinine levels are now normal. This, plus a lifestyle change helped him get better.

Rosa Estrella, 45, and daughter Cecil, 18, suffered from severe allergic rhinitis. After four weeks on TF, they have found relief from severe allergies.

For 4-Life Phils Lifestyle coaching, call Frank Uy, Tesy Emeline at 09178948728 or 09228552079.

This week’s affirmation: “Hope abides in me.”

Love and light!

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