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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Ciudad Verdadero, which literally means “City of Truth,” is a large tract of private hill between Sampaloc and Lucban towns in Quezon Province, owned by a humble, soft-spoken businessman from Pateros named Artemio Cataquiz.

When he bought the raw land about 25 years ago, he did not realize the mysteries it contained. He bought it purely for investment purposes. Then the spirits of the place, speaking to him through mediums, began to slowly reveal to him the real purpose of the yet unnamed rolling hill.

It was to be developed as a natural spirit sanctuary where spiritually sensitive people can commune with the high spirits of the place. According to Cataquiz, the spirits gave him the money to be used for its development through unusual real-estate business deals.

One half of his earnings went to the development of the place, which the spirits later told him to name Ciudad Verdadero. He was not allowed to ask contributions or donations from anybody, and he was not to charge any fee for the use of its facilities. He has kept that condition up to the present, to the initial protest from his wife.

The mysteries of this sacred place did not begin to unfold all at once. It was revealed to him little by little, as his consciousness and sensitivity to the spirit world unfolded. He continually asked and recorded the experiences of the people who visited the place until he was convinced they were real and not a product of their imagination.

I have myself experienced some of the mysteries of this place, but not as much as those who are more sensitive and more psychically developed than myself. To be honest, not everybody who visits Ciudad Verdadero experiences something mystical. For there is nothing extraordinary in it from a purely physical standpoint.

There are, however, certain power spots in the place which one can experience only if he or she is sensitive to these forces. Some of these power spots are the Cretan labyrinth on top of the hill, the spring, the two boulders leading to the spring, and also what they call the UFO landing pad.

Another very powerful spot is the area behind the caretaker’s house. I am sure there are many other power spots in Ciudad Verdadero that have not yet been discovered or revealed by the spirits, since only about 10 percent of the place has been cleared and developed.

The following is a personal account of the experiences of a highly sensitive and psychic school teacher from Silay City, Negros Occidental named Merle Tabujara as related to me. She went to Ciudad Verdadero last April together with a friend, Johnny Robredo, from Bukidnon.

Look for its heart

“Regarding the lower boulder, the best way to feel its energy is to look for its heart. Before placing your hand on it, scan the surface of the boulder. Feel the spot that has the greatest pull. Then place your palms there. You will feel the heart beat of the boulder. This boulder is a great source of energy and also serves as a portal to other dimensions.

“The UFO landing pad is like an activating touch pad. I accidentally jumped on an unseen button located somewhere at the center. Once you step on it, from the center going sideways, lights light up. Then the lights explode back at the center going toward anyone who stands on the button. Then the light will consume the person’s body, going out of the person’s palm.

“The lights from both palms shoot up to the sky. There the lights meet in the sky creating a triangle. The intense intersecting points create a vortex in the sky, it opens a portal. I saw a base of a spaceship. But when I opened my eyes, because I heard Johnny say he was getting weak, the vortex closed.

“Re: The Cretan Labyrinth. The center is really in line with the center of the earth’s core. I saw it. The core is a deep and very strong magnet in steel dark gray color.

“The back of the caretaker’s house is home of nature spirits of the wind element. The air is still. Just raise your arms and the wind comes. There are seven dominant presences that one can feel in Ciudad Verdadero. I know that Art Cataquiz knows this.”

I told her I also stood at the center of that landing pad and went into a trance but didn’t see the lights. She said, “Actually, sir, I jumped at the center and did not expect it to light up, either. I was shocked to see it light up. What bothers me is I see more if I close my eyes.”

I told her, “You see more if you close your eyes because you are seeing non-physical things which can only be seen by your spiritual or third eye.”

“What about the spring of water or bukal?” I asked her, “Didn’t you experience anything there, because I find it to be a power spot, too.”

“The spring is the final part if one should visit Ciudad. It cleanses and renews one’s connection to the Supreme Being. I was drawn to the water in the pool, as if I were being sucked in.”

As I said earlier, not everybody experiences extraordinary things in Ciudad Verdadero. A number of people experience nothing at all. I guess, just like any sacred place, Ciudad Verdadero is a reflection of one’s consciousness.

Call Art Cataquiz for Ciduad Verdadero at 6424877.

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