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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Experts worldwide have come up with a general guide to living well and looking good.

In the Annals of Internal Medicine, a 2017 study was published on what was called the “obesity paradox,” in which it was believed that being overweight was protection against mortality from heart cardiovascular and other diseases.

Risks for all causes based on 225,000 participants were examined. It measured the BMI or Body Mass Index across 16 years of history with a 12-year follow up. The conclusion: people who were overweight or had a maximum BMI, considered obese, were at an elevated risk for death from cancer and respiratory and heart disease.

To be slightly overweight may not cause you much panic. However, you should consider shedding those extra pounds as soon as possible.

As with any form of dieting, a moderate approach is safer than a drastic one.

Regular and moderate

There is no need to sweat it out in the gym for hours. Fitness experts claim that all you have to do is move continuously, and don’t stop until the 30th minute—no more, no less. A regular workout has profound effects on your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and cancer prevention.

The Adventist all-vegan regimen has been hailed as the best guarantee for longevity of life by health experts.

However, one that shares the health spotlight is the Mediterranean diet. Before you go on a pizza overload, here are a few reminders: go easy on the carbohydrates, be generous with your fish and olive oil, eat nuts and vegetables and lessen red meat intake.

The rule of five applies: eat five servings of vegetables and fruits a day. But if you are seriously pursuing optimum health, raise it to the rule of seven.

Do what raises your spirits and not what drags you down. Oftentimes it is what delights you which can have positive effects on your emotions. Fill your life with more community-related activities which promote camaraderie—like going to church regularly, serving a civic organization, helping the needy.

Nourish the spirit

Above all, find time to pray and meditate. Level time is when you nourish the spirit.

Many people who have been through a failed marriage will probably say never again. However, there have been many studies on the health aspect of married couples as compared to the blissfully single. It appears that being “happily married” gives people a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than their single counterparts. To those who don’t want to tie the knot, there is still hope.

Apparently, a romantic liaison is enough to do the trick. But here’s the catch: you must fall in love.

It’s ideal that you get to sleep for seven hours—that’s the magic number. If you can get enough quality sleep by 10 p.m., then your body can easily slow down aging. But should you consistently sleep after midnight, a mid-day nap is recommended. Taking a one hour nap is enough to give your body that much-needed rest. The art of napping could ensure your heart health.

This week’s affirmation: “I love more to live strong.”

Love and light!

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