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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The most deceptive of enemies is time.

While it is visibly unseen, time leaves evidence of its presence in many ways. Before you even notice it was there, a wrinkle appears. Soon, the small aches, pains and twitches that used to come and go, are felt more frequently.

And then, the inevitable happens. You take a long, hard look at yourself in front of the mirror and panic suddenly seizes you.

You are not just getting older with every passing year—you are aging!

Mortal sin
Of course, there is hope. And there are several ways to devise your plan of action to preempt the ravages of time.

For starters, I hope your mother gave you a few pointers in your teens. Mine did, to the point of getting hysterical every time she caught me under the noonday sun. It was, to her, a mortal sin.

Be that as it may, whether you were mentored or not, it is never too late.

Your natural options range from wellness regimens to nonsurgical approaches. If you prefer noninvasive treatments, you have choices.

But before all these state-of-the-art advances in aesthetic medicine, let’s review the basics.

Universal truth

Remember the universal truth: Body, mind and spirit make up the trinity that you are. The three vital aspects all rely on each other. For example: If you exercise the body, then the mind relaxes. Physical activity becomes therapy. Vice versa when you are in a meditative state, your muscles relax instantly. And your heartbeat slows down.

Whatever you do and however you think and feel affects you on three levels. Be conscious of this in your everyday life.

Eat, hydrate, sleep, rest, exercise and laugh. These we already know only too well as the simple building blocks of good health.

Challenge your brain
Challenge your brain. This creates neurological pathways that keep your brain active. If your body needs exercise then so does your mind. So, go ahead, try that Sudoku that tests your patience or challenging crossword
puzzle. It is good to be confounded by something new.

End your suffering. That’s right. Whatever is causing your pain, must be confronted, resolved and released. Ultimately, one must learn to forgive. A toxic situation in life isn’t conducive to good health and a balanced heart and mind. Sometimes, when faced with a dead-end relationship, it is time to let go. So, move on. You deserve better.

Skin rejuvenation

Because it is the most visible reflection of your appeal, the skin, which is the largest detoxification organ of the body, should be well cared for.

Exercise causes one to perspire. Consider also facials, steam baths and saunas once a month. Supplement with skin boosters like vitamin C, glutathione and zinc. The latest technology may not be lasers, after all.

Conservatively speaking, there is Mistral, which uses light and heat or the LHE system, to treat pigmentation, fine lines, and facial spider veins/vascular lesions and rosacea.

Considered extremely safe and effective, the LHE regimen takes all of 10 minutes. Based on the principle of photothermolysis, it eliminates coagulated cells, introduces new cells and stimulates collagen. The result is almost instant.

Dr. Amy Patdu, LHE skin specialist, explains that after only three sessions, there is a 50 percent improvement on the skin’s condition. The result once the eight sessions are completed, is younger and more radiant skin. (For free consultation, call 8182698.)

We should all bear in mind that our skin is abused by all the elements it is exposed to—from pollution to sun damage. It requires special care and attention.

This week’s affirmation: “I welcome the new, now.”

Love and light.

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