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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Bamba Bistro’s seafood “aglio oglio”
Bamba Bistro’s seafood “aglio oglio”


A few years ago, my Kangen water system demonstration brought me to BF Homes Parañaque area. After the demonstration, Bobby, the buyer, invited me to dinner.

Having the same name as the main avenue in the area, I said to myself that this guy must know where to find good food. I was right.

There are close to a hundred dining establishments in the area. I have been to a few of them, good ones like Tito Chef of chef Menoy and Hanakazu Japanese restaurant (one of the best in Metro Manila).

Unique dish

We ended up in a restaurant I had never heard of before: Bamba Bistro. As we sat down, I noticed the food being served at other tables and saw a dish that looked like tapsilog, but made in a unique and innovative way. It was a beautifully presented tapa, complete with egg (I found out later it was truffled egg), but the tapa was in the form of a steak.

I immediately sensed the chef’s creativity. I like to be surprised with something new like this, and Bamba’s chef was able to do it.

Fast-forward to a few years later. We were doing an event called “Around the World in Small Plates” for the Lifestyle channel. Chefs from all over Metro Manila were asked to create or serve something from designated countries. I was assigned Thailand, so I made a green mango salad.

Beside my booth was Bamba Bistro, which was making a Middle Eastern dish. I was excited not only to taste, but also to finally meet the creative chef behind this restaurant.

I expected Bamba’s dish to be superb, and I was again right—for me, it was the best dish served that day.

Finally, I met its lady chef, Tina Legarda, whom I congratulated. I told her I loved her style and creativity.

Foie gras salad

Just last week, I revisited her Bamba Bistro. I ordered the foie gras salad, and it was delicious. The greens had a delicious dressing that went perfectly well with the rich and perfectly cooked foie gras.

Then came the lamb kofta balls, made with ground lamb in a tomato-based sauce and Middle Eastern flavors—also very good. Chef Tina apparently makes fine Middle Eastern dishes.

The star of the meal was the seafood aglio olio, a perfectly al dente pasta dish with superior olive oil, hints of chili and sliced garlic and well-cooked shrimps, squid and mussels. The flavors were very subtle and outstanding.

I want my kids to try Bamba Bistro. My boys Franco and Arturo love a good bolognese.

The food in this place will make you think of your loved ones.

My Kangen water machine has allowed me to discover a number of unexpected dining places, like Bamba Bistro, which has become one of my favorite dining places in the metro.

Congratulations, chef Tina!

Happy eating!

Bamba Bistro is at 55 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Parañaque. Call 5197097.

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