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OCTOBER 27, 2022

We are so accustomed to using only our five physical senses to perceive outside reality, that we don’t realize we have other mental faculties that can sense hidden realities.

These faculties are possessed by all humans, regardless of age, education, race, intelligence or sex. But in majority of cases, they are dormant or inactive.

On rare occasions, however, they suddenly manifest themselves. And this is what people experience as psychic perception—telepathy (mind-to-mind communication), or precognition (knowing the future) or clairvoyance (seeing nonphysical entities).

Mainstream science does not recognize the existence of such faculties, despite mountains of evidence from researchers the world over the last 100 years or so.

Great literature is a result of insight or intuitive knowledge coming from a hidden source of knowledge. All religions are the result of revelations from a divine source.

Ordinary people

There are ordinary people, who, in a trance or altered state of consciousness, are able to obtain information not possible in their waking state.

The American psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce had very little formal education. He did not know anything about the history of various religions, or about medical science, etc.

But while in a trance-like state, he discussed and answered questions about any subject under the sun, of which he had absolutely no knowledge in his waking state.

He diagnosed accurately the health condition of any person, given only the name and address of the patient, and prescribed the right natural remedy for his or her illness.

Later he talked about such esoteric subjects as reincarnation (although he didn’t believe in the subject at first), Atlantis, Lemuria, past lives of Jesus Christ, as well as his own past lives and those of others, quartz crystals, dreams, psychic development, the Akashic record, etc.

Where do all these pieces of knowledge come from?
He said that they’re from the Akashic record and the subconscious of the individual himself who was asking the question.

After Cayce died, he left about 14,500 psychic readings which have been collected and classified by a foundation he created called the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.


Little educated spiritual healers, like Jose “Ze” Arigo of Brazil and Tony Agpaoa of the Philippines, performed the most complicated surgical operations on patients using simple instruments, such as a dull knife (in the case of Arigo) or only bare hands (in the case of Agpaoa), which was impossible from a scientific medical point.

Many years back, I read the story of a Canadian truck driver who witnessed a fatal hit-and-run accident while driving his truck, but could not remember anything important that could help the police investigators.

When asked if he could describe the model or brand of the car, the plate number, etc., he could not remember anything. He said it happened so fast, he didn’t have time to take note of those things.

When he was hypnotized at the police station by a forensic hypnotist, he remembered everything, and the person responsible was arrested.

Where does such knowledge come from? Why can’t these people do these things when they’re awake or conscious? Why are these only possible while they are in an altered state of consciousness?

Mystics and shamans claim to have discovered such hidden or esoteric source of knowledge that lies beyond the everyday sensory perception. Under certain circumstances, anyone can access or tap into such secret knowledge. He needs only to seek it with sincerity and persistence.

As the Russian mathematician and mystic PD Osupensky pointed out in his classic work, “A New Model of the Universe” (1914): “The idea of a knowledge which surpasses all ordinary human knowledge, and is inaccessible to ordinary people, but which exists somewhere and belongs to somebody, permeates the whole history of the thought of mankind from the most remote periods.

“In this incapacity of men to imagine what exists beyond the wall of the known and the possible lies his chief tragedy and in this, as has already been said, lies the reason so much remains hidden from him and why there are so many questions to which he can never find the answer.

“It is impossible to regard the ordinary state of consciousness in which we are capable of logical thinking, as the only one possible and the clearest. On the contrary, it had been established that in other states of consciousness, which are rare and have been studied very little, we can learn and understand what we cannot understand in our ordinary state of consciousness.”

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