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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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tarot cards Stock Photo

Trying to reconcile with a former lover comes with its challenges—but perhaps shouldn’t involve summoning someone from beyond the grave.

A man in the United Kingdom hoping for a reconciliation with an ex-fiancee has been sentenced to prison after breaking a restraining order when he sent a letter while pretending to be his ex’s late mother, The Telegraph reported Aug. 20, Monday.

Roy Meadwell, 51, was accused of trying to contact Kay Wimbury on five different occasions while a restraining order was in place after he assaulted her in December 2016.

Last July 2017, Wimbury received a letter that was supposedly from her late mother, along with a leaflet from a tarot shop.

While the message did not mention Meadwell, it encouraged Wimbury to call “the man who sacrificed everything for you, the man who loves you, the man who wanted you to be his wife.” It also said that rejecting Meadwell was a “terrible mistake.”

The woman later received a letter from an alleged well-wisher that said, “OMG, can’t you see the greatness in this man.”

Wimbury was also sent a Facebook message and an email from an account that suspiciously had a name similar to her stepmom’s.

Meadwell denied he had had a hand in these messages, claiming that perhaps someone was attempting to be a matchmaker.

But Wimbury told the jury that the contents of the letter were experiences privy only to the former couple.

By visiting the psychic shop in Cornwall, Meadwell also breached the restraining order as he was banned from entering the county where Wimbury lived.

Meadwell was sentenced to four months in prison, which is suspended for two years. Should he violate the restraining order again, he will be sent straight to jail.  Niña V. Guno /ra



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