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Illegal parking is a problem experienced by many countries, including the Philippines where parking in side streets is a norm. In order to deal with such violations, a hospital in Japan has resolved to give “free injections” to hardheaded car owners.

Seibu General hospital has had enough of non-hospital visitors who park their cars in the hospital’s parking lot. Twitter user @matsujun5213 posted on Sept. 26 a photo of the sign which the hospital erected to warn owners of illegally parked vehicles.

“Parking by non-hospital visitors is strictly prohibited,” the sign read, as reported by SoraNews24 today, Oct. 3. “Owners of unauthorized cars will be fined 10,000 yen (around P4,700) or given an injection. The hospital bears no responsibility for accidents, theft, or other damages incurred while parked in the lot.”

What caught the netizens’ eyes, however, was not the substantial parking fine imposed on non-visitors; it was the injection the hospital will give to violators. “Since it’s supposed to be a punishment, I’m guessing the injection isn’t something beneficial, like a vaccine,” quipped the Twitter user.

Japanese netizens were quick to react to the hospital’s sign. One reckoned the hospital is just scaring violators and that the said injection is just a vitamin booster.

“Maybe they have the most inexperienced nurse use you for injection practice,” mused one commenter, the report said. “They have her draw blood, give you an IV, subcutaneous, intradermal, and muscular injections. The [works].”

Meanwhile, one netizen would rather pay the hefty fine than face a fear of needles: “I hate needles I’d rather pay the fine.”

“I think they’d scare off even more people if they threatened to give them unwanted surgery,” suggested another commenter in the report.

The hospital has yet to reveal the content of the free injection, as of this writing. Kate Matriano/JB


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