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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Easter and Thanksgiving are two major holiday traditions in North America. Students from all over the United States fly home to spend Thanksgiving dinner with the family.


Thanksgiving means a special turkey dinner with loved ones.


How turkey became the meal of thanksgiving is a mystery to many. Some say it is a celebratory bird. So, it was but appropriate for such a special occasion.


Some restaurants in the United States serve the same turkey dinner on their regular menu.


I have tried a variety of roast turkeys. One that I recall with superb stuffing was made by a friend, Carla Reyes Tengco. I remember she mixed the stuffing with chestnuts (castañas). It’s the stuffing and the gravy that set the various versions apart.


Turkey meat is bland, but it is one of the leanest, healthiest meats around. That’s why  butchers smoke it to add flavor.


Around this time of the year, many restaurants and private caterers offer turkey dinners.


Chef Bob and Ninay Abes are a husband-and-wife team who have been doing this for years. Their roast turkey is a winner.


It comes complete with the fixins—creamy mashed potatoes made from scratch, gravy and cranberry sauce.


My only complaint is that the gravy, at times, is not enough. Ask for extra gravy.


Happy eating!



Chef Bob and Ninay Abes’ roast turkey, tel. 09189098850 or 9840065



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