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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Two weeks ago, I visited a neurologist friend whom I had not seen for a long time. I was having some problems with my memory. I’m glad he said I was not experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s yet, just the normal aging process.


I know our brain cells (neurons) start dying at about age 20, faster if we drink alcohol or take drugs. By age 75, 10 percent of our brain cells have died.


After he made his diagnosis and wrote a prescription for a memory-enhancement pill, he told me fascinating stories of his recent encounters with dead patients.


“Remember I told you several years ago about this patient who came to my clinic? After he left, I remembered that he was already dead.


“Well, it happened again, not only once, but on two different occasions. The first time, he even tapped my shoulder and greeted me. I knew he was dead. I asked him what he was doing here. He said he just came to see me because he hadn’t been coming for some time now. ‘You must be wondering why I haven’t been visiting you.’


“‘Of course, I knew,’ I explained. I knew he was dead! But my patient said he would  be getting in touch with me and helping me. That was reassuring, but I didn’t know what he meant by that.”


I told him that he must have a very strong psychic connection with that patient, to which he replied that he had.


I am not at all surprised that some people can clearly see and talk to the dead. I have met several of these psychically gifted individuals both here and abroad. They have the gift of clairvoyance, but are not aware of it.


For example, this neurologist is actually a spirit medium, but he will never admit it. He knows he was not hallucinating when he saw and talked to his dead patients. The fact that he saw these spirits means his third eye (or spiritual eye) is open.


When one of his dead patients appeared to him recently, there was another person in the room who could not see the ghost, but when he touched this living person, he was able to see the ghost.


I explained to him this happened because his (the doctor’s aura) enveloped the other person and therefore entered into his auric field. There was a synchronization of their aura and brain waves. That’s why that person also saw what the doctor was seeing.



There are documented and verified stories in the annals of psychic research and parapsychology (called psychotronics research  in Eastern Europe) of individuals who are able to see and talk with dead people.


Even the Christian Bible has a story about a female medium in Endor whom King Saul had asked  to communicate with the dead prophet, Samuel, and succeeded in doing so. (See Book 2, Samuel 28: 3-25).


That’s why I cannot understand why the present officials of the Catholic Church deny the possibility of talking to the dead. “What appears to be spirits of the dead are the devil,” according to the Church. Poor devil! He is always blamed for things the priests cannot understand.


However, I agree with the Church that we should not attempt to communicate with the dead out of curiosity or just to know how they are doing.


If there is no concrete manifestation of its presence to the living, then it is earth-bound. It is restless. It is our duty to find out what’s bothering it. Because if we do not, it will continue its wandering, seeking an open channel to whom it can relay its message. It will not be at peace.


I myself have had several per sonal encounters with the dead. That’s why I know.




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