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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I recently received an email from Keith Dovichi, an American living in Pioneer, California, with an intriguing question: “Can a bullet wound or injury inflicted during a dream appear in one’s body when one wakes up?” Dovichi died during surgery in 1988 and lived again. This is known as a near-death experience a term coined by Dr. Raymond Moody in his pioneering book “Life After Life.”

After this experience, Dovichi said, his energy changed: “First, I started feeling earthquakes before they happened, then I started dreaming things while awake, and within a year they happened.

“I started keeping track of my dreams after seeing 9/11 happen. Then I saw water overtaking land and too many dead to count. Then I saw it repeat itself in 2004 and I quit because of all the deaths and destruction and no way to stop it.

“Then I moved to a property which is protected by Native American spirits (see YouTube “When Ghosts Attack,” Episode 3). That is about my experience.

“Now I have so many different experiences like being an empath, foresight, grim reaper (because I know if people are going to die soon, a spirit magnet where I get attachments from others).

“Now the most distracting and quite frankly scary thing is when I dream and wake up with marks on my body that represent my dream—for instance, being pulled from my bed by a hairy creature, only to wake up on the floor in front of my tent door with bruises in the shape of a large hand on my leg.

“The last dream, I was in a bar and a guy ripped out the hair in my beard, only to wake to a bloody pillow and with my chin bleeding where the dream had done the damage.

“Another one was a gunfight where I was shot in the arm and awoke with bruises that looked like a bullet entrance and exit wound in the same places I was shot in my dream.

“I guess my question is, can this really be happening, and if it is, can I stop it and am I hitting (or hurting) anyone in my dream?”


To answer adequately Dovichi’s questions and to comment on his extraordinary story would take a whole book. So let me try to be brief.

The fact that he has experienced on several occasions having what happens in his dreams physically manifested in his body in a waking state is proof enough that these things can happen.

In the 1970s, Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia’s psychiatry department undertook a serious investigation on the possibility of reincarnation by interviewing more than 1,500 children aged 3-12 who claimed to remember their previous lives.

His meticulous and systematic research led him to believe that there could be some truth to the belief in reincarnation. Choosing the most outstanding stories of past life memory, Stevenson wrote a book he called “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.”

But one aspect of his investigation that is relevant to the question posed to me by Dovichi is Stevenson’s investigation of unusual birthmarks on the bodies of the individuals, which could be traced back to a past-life experience.

There was a case of a 12-year-old boy who was born with a strange mark on his head and chin, like entry and exit wounds of a bullet.

In his past life, he remembered he was a notorious criminal or highwayman in France. When he was about to be caught by the police, he shot himself with his own rifle; he pointed the muzzle to his chin and pulled the trigger. The bullet entered his chin and exited his head. When autopsy and X-rays of the trajectory of the bullet were compared to the marks on the boy’s chin and head, they matched perfectly. INQ

To be continued.

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