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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Since I started writing a column in this paper about things beyond mainstream science and religion, I have frequently received questions or requests about spirit communication, such as the following:

“My father died last July 31, 2020. I would like to know if he is okay. His name is _______. My father was a good person. That’s why I want to know if he is all right.”

Sometimes, however, I receive an angry or frustrated letter like this: “Why doesn’t my late husband communicate with me? I’ve asked him so many times since he died last month to answer me, but he never did. And then, I just found out he communicated with his cousin. Why not with me?”

Before I answer these questions, I would like to make one thing very clear. The underlying assumption behind these questions is that I can summon and talk to the dead. This is wrong. It is not true. I cannot and do not summon the dead and talk to them.

I cannot just say, “Hey, Adolf! How are you doing? Is it getting too hot down there?”

Disturbing spirits

I actually discourage people from calling on spirits of the dead just to find out how they are doing, because you are just disturbing them. Here is where I agree with the stand of the Catholic Church.

There is, however, a difference between deliberately summoning and talking with the dead, and the dead sending messages to the living spontaneously without being asked.

This has actually happened to many people, because, in a way, we are all mediums or channels of the spirit, because we are partly spirit.

I myself have received messages from the dead on a number of occasions without deliberately trying to communicate. One of them came from my brother-in-law who had just died.

During his, wake, I went into a trance and gave an important message to his wife. The message turned out to be correct upon verification. There were several other occasions when I received messages from spirits of the dead.

Such spontaneous spirit communications can happen to anybody. Years ago, I had a female student of ESP living in a building in Binondo. Early one morning, the security guard was killed by the infamous Agaw Armas gang. Shortly after this, the guard began appearing to her in the building. It scared her and her three teenage daughters. She didn’t know what to do.

Unfinished business

I told her to talk to the spirit of the guard next time he appeared to her. At first she hesitated to do this, because she was afraid. I told her that if she doesn’t do this, he will continue to bother her until his message has been conveyed.

The next time he appeared to her, she asked what he wanted. He requested that all benefits he was entitled to should be given to his wife directly and not pass through his agency. She promised him she would help. The guard who was in uniform when he appeared to her saluted her and then disappeared. From then on he never bothered her again.

Mainly earthbound spirits, those who have unfinished business or refuse to accept their death, manifest or show themselves to the living. Spirits which are at peace do not do this. So, we should be thankful and happy if spirits of loved ones do not manifest themselves. This means they are at peace.

Another important point to consider is this: The fact that close relatives or spouses do not talk or answer does not mean the dead do not want to talk to you. It is simply a question of noncompatability of vibrations or frequency, just like radio signals. You can’t hear FM radio music if you are tuned in to an AM frequency.

So earthbound spirits seek out open channels. They can tell if a person is capable of receiving their message or not. They can move on in the spirit world only when they have conveyed their message, so it is our duty to listen and talk to them. INQFor comments, questions, books or appointments for consultancy or past life regression, tel. 0998-9886292, 88107245; email [email protected]